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Sunday November 22, 2020

New strange complaints about the screen in iPhone 12!

A few days ago, we detected complaints from users who acquired iPhone phones related to the sensitivity of the lock screen to touch, especially when installing the protective glass or back cover, to find out later that it is a system problem that Apple resolved after launching the iOS 14.2.1 update for iPhone 12 phones specifically without others.

Now, there is talk about other complaints about the iPhone 12 screen, where the screen flickers strangely or as if it appears on it a green or red tint.

This same problem almost appeared last year with iPhone 11 phones before Apple could solve the problem that was due to an error in the operating system by updating iOS 13.6.1.

The problem takes many forms, for example when some users appear strange lighting on the screen when the brightness level is raised, others have the problem for some time and it disappears on its own.

New strange complaints about the screen in iPhone 12!

There is a document recently leaked from Apple admitting that it is currently aware of that problem and that it is investigating the matter. It also advised maintenance engineers not to initiate repairing phones with that problem at the present time until the investigation is over.

Many complaints related to what we are talking about can be seen on the official Apple technical support forum as well as on other platforms such as Reddit.

If you have purchased an iPhone 12 phone with any of its different versions, you should not worry even if you have the problem, because Apple will either solve the problem technically via a system update or replace the entire device if it has a defect in the industry.

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Regardless of this problem, the iPhone 12 Pro Max screen has been chosen as one of the best smartphone screens for the current year 2020.

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