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Saturday January 18, 2020

New bug detected in “737 MAX” aircraft program

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The American Boeing Group has announced the discovery of a new malfunction in its “737 MAX” aircraft program, which has been banned from flying since March 13, 2019, after two air strikes, according to a statement. The company stressed that “ensuring that (737 MAX) is safe and meets all regulatory requirements before returning to service is our top priority.”

She reported Boeing Group of America Friday that she discovered a new malfunction in the program “737 Max” aircraft banned from flying, but hopes to solve the issue soon to avoid a delay in the return of the plane to service.

“We are conducting the necessary updates and are working with the Federal Aviation Administration to introduce this change and keep our customers and suppliers informed of the latest developments,” a company statement said.

“Ensuring that (the 737 MAX) is safe and meets all regulatory requirements before returning to service is our top priority,” the statement continued.

The statement did not provide details about the nature of the problem.

According to an informed source, the defect causes other programs to crash on the plane when it is running.

The source said that Pyong discovered the new problem during a “technical review” last week, describing the “minor” defect, adding that he should not delay the return of the plane to service.

Pyong is currently reviewing with the Federal Aviation Administration the amendments made to the control program known as the Maneuverability Enhancement System (MCAS), which was considered the reason behind the crash of the Indonesian “Lion Air” flights and those of the Ethiopian Airlines in two incidents that killed a total of 346 people .

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The use of Max planes around the world has been suspended since March 13, 2019.

Civil aviation authorities must determine the training that pilots will need on Max and make an appointment for a test flight before returning the aircraft to service.

Difficulties faced by Max cost the Boeing Group more than $ 9 billion at a time when costs are expected to worsen, while a major supplier has had to lay off 2,800 employees.

Its chief executive, Dennis Muelenburg, was sacked in late December, and board member David Calhoun, who took office early this week, was appointed.

According to company officials, Calhoun, who told employees that Boeing should focus on “cohesion” and “transparency”, is slated to visit assembly plants in Washington next week and hold its first phone conference on Wednesday.


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