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Saturday October 17, 2020

New Android Go update works faster on old phones

Google has announced the launch of a new update to the Android Go operating system, which provides the Camera G app with new functions such as night mode and HDR recordings on low-cost smartphones.
The Google Android Go operating system works on smartphones with 2 GB of RAM, and compared to the regular Google Android 11 operating system, applications on the low-cost models run 20% faster, noting that the operating system takes up an area of ​​270 MB of RAM.

Google explained that owners of low-cost smartphones can take advantage of the night mode and abandon the use of the LED flash, and instead of that a group of images are recorded, which are grouped into one brighter and clearer image.

In addition, the camera application can record HDR footage, and the American company has not disclosed any data on the technology used, but it is expected that several different images will be combined to greatly increase the dynamic range displayed.

Google indicated the availability of night mode on low-cost smartphones such as Nokia 1.3, Wiko Y81 and many other models, and the HDR function is scheduled to be launched at a later time.

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