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A nervous breakdown is a psychological symptom that stems from a lot of anxiety and fear, and one of the most important causes of its infection is the intense exposure to psychological pressures on a continuous basis, as it causes a deficit in thinking and makes the mind satisfied with receiving new ideas. for him.

What is a nervous breakdown?

It is the occurrence of psychological damage to the nerves so that they are unable to bear, which affects the right thinking and making the appropriate decision. It is considered a symptom of some psychological diseases, such as:

  • Constant anxiety.

That is when a person thinks of disasters, if they fall upon him, how will he be able to overcome them, or to occupy his mind about how to pay his debts and the expenses incurred on him.

  • emotional trauma

that result from the death of a loved one, divorce, financial loss or any form of frustration.

  • Emotional suppression.

It is any feeling that a person tries to ignore without taking the right measures to resolve it.

As if a person is trying to achieve a goal that is not within the limits of his energy and commits himself to what is not within his ability.

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Causes of a nervous breakdown

Causes of a nervous breakdown
Causes of a nervous breakdown

There are several reasons that lead to a nervous breakdown, the most famous of which are the following:

Lack of experience and lack of proper involvement in life

A nervous breakdown may occur with the affluent or isolated people who are not accustomed to dealing with people and facing the difficulties of life. These people can suffer psychological pressure that leads to panic when exposed to the simplest problem situation because they do not have the appropriate experience to contain the situation and the proper thinking to overcome it, which makes them surrender to crying or screaming .

Negative thoughts control

Some people are negative as they always expect the worst to come, and they look at the problems they face as unsolvable, and negativity may lead to mistrust of others, such as people with persecutory personality disorder, the negative thinking person may not find an outlet for him, which increases the severity psychological pressure on him.

Shyness and inability to reveal one’s own problems.

Often the solution may lie in revealing and discussing problems with others, but shyness and introversion are a terrible pressure that ends up exploding.

The inability to accept reality and contentment with the written.

The person’s indulgence with himself that what happened should not have happened, or that I deserve the most capable and this much is not worthy of me, and other thoughts that turn into pressure that stifle the one with it and prevent him from breathing the opportunities available to him.

Confusion between the meaning of self-reliance and not asking for the necessary help from others.

Man was not created to be satisfied with himself and cooperation is necessary to build friendship bonds between people. If a person believes that it is necessary to accomplish everything by himself to achieve the meaning of self-reliance, and when that is not possible, this may cause him a terrible psychological pressure that paralyzes him.

Some physical ailments

Some diseases may contribute to increasing the severity of psychological collapse and its out of control, such as those diseases that weaken the blood supply to the brain such as pressure diseases, and also some diseases that cause the excretion of toxins in the blood, which affects the health of the brain such as kidney and liver diseases, and also the lack of neurotransmitters leads to a weakening A person’s ability to deal with complex, problematic matters causes him to have a nervous breakdown.

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forms of nervous breakdown

forms of nervous breakdown
forms of nervous breakdown

A nervous breakdown takes several psychological forms that are controlled by several factors and vary according to the circumstances of the person. However, the most important thing that distinguishes a nervous breakdown from other psychological symptoms is that it paralyzes a person’s ability to think properly and prevents him from facing life challenges. The following are the most common forms of psychological stress:

paranoid psychological breakdown

It is known as paranoia, which is summed up in the fact that the mental breakdown patient believes that he is under threat or stalked, so that he lacks confidence in others and resorts to illogical explanations represented by the phrase: (everyone wants to set me up), so he feels that everyone around him is conspiring against him, and the reason for the transformation of the psychological collapse To paranoia that the patient is trying to relieve himself of pressure and blame himself by bombarding others with false accusations.

mental breakdown

It is that the patient enters into a repeated cycle within a short period – within one day or a few hours – of contradictory, unjustified feelings that are not based on a realistic basis, but are based on the fantasies and thoughts of the nervous breakdown patient, as if he feels an ecstasy of happiness followed by intense sadness that may be accompanied by episodes of nervous breakdown. Cry and regret.

Causes of mental breakdown

This form of nervous breakdown results from nervous pressure mixed with anxiety, so the patient imagines things that make him happy and goes with them, even if he returns to his reality, he returns to worry about not achieving what he hopes for, which leads to his collapse again, and as long as the dreams and happiness that the patient builds are not based on foundations Solid realism, it quickly collapses with the patient.

depressive psychological breakdown

This form of psychological collapse results when the psychologically collapsed patient believes that his nerves are not iron to face the burdens of life, which leads him to depressive isolation as a preventive and precautionary measure so that his psyche does not collapse from the problems that he is unable to face.

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nervous breakdown treatment

nervous breakdown treatment
nervous breakdown treatment

The treatment of psychological collapse varies according to the factor causing it, so that treatment takes the form of robbery by removing the main causes of psychological collapse, and treatment methods include the following:

rest and relaxation

This is in the event that work pressure is the main factor for psychological breakdown, and it is preferable for a person with a nervous breakdown to retire in a quiet rural area that allows him to walk in its area on foot without being exposed to the crowding that irritates nervous breakdowns for a period of no less than half a month.

Exercise and exercise regularly

Not everyone may have the luxury of dropping out of work and taking a vacation for recreation, so sports may be one of the best solutions, as experiences have proven that it dispels negative energy and expels anxiety. in dealing with psychological crises.

Silver and talk to others

Even with the belief that most people think that talking to others will not change reality and will not solve their problems and that they will not benefit them with anything, talking with others would keep a person within the limits of realism without going too far with his fantasies and delusions to demonizing those around him, as whoever does not talk to people is He will have to talk to his obsessions that are based on mistrust of people.

Facing reality and not evading it

This is by carrying out duties and fulfilling rights without procrastination or negligence, according to what the energy permits and expands his ability. Evading from carrying out tasks will create anxiety and psychological pressure that leads to collapse.

Expressing feelings and allowing them to come true

A person has to understand himself and explore his desires and work to achieve them in the right and legitimate ways, as emotional repression is one of the main causes of collapse, which may take the form of a scandalous explosion that leads a person to crazy behaviors that are difficult to control.

cognitive behavioral therapy

This is through a calm and understanding dialogue with the patient through a Psychiatrist or through an able expert who is able to reach the potentials that lead to psychological breakdown, as hearing a psychopath of reassuring words from a person and that his fears are not that important will save him from Compress it and prevents it from collapsing.

Taking a nerve relaxant

In severe cases, psychological collapse may cause a nervous spasm, which requires health care in the hospital, where relaxant needles are given.

Take sedative injections

In the event that a nervous breakdown causes successive insomnia for several days, this requires sedative injections that help sleep, under the supervision of a specialized doctor, as adequate and deep sleep is one of the main ways the body uses to get rid of psychological breakdown.

A nervous breakdown is a psychological symptom that has many causes associated with other mental disorders. It takes different forms and forms, and its treatment methods vary between cognitive therapy and medical intervention.