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Tuesday January 14, 2020

Nearby Sharing AirDrop for Android devices from Google

Nearby Sharing AirDrop for Android devices from Google 1

A feature called Nearby Sharing appeared on Android devices from the start of beta versions of Android 10. This feature Google wants to compete with the Airdrop feature of iPhone devices. To be able to transfer files and data between your devices at high and good speeds. And that between different Android devices. And Google chose this name after Fast Share was the default name for it

What do we know?

  • The new feature name has appeared in the latest version of the Google Play Service app
  • The new feature will be available on Google pixel devices
  • It is not known if this feature will be needed on all devices, or if it is exclusive to pixels only

Nearby sharing from Google

Nearby Sharing AirDrop for Android devices from Google 2

While testing beta versions of Android 10, a feature called Fast share appeared. This feature was to send and receive files, texts, and more between devices at high speeds, just as AriDrop does between Apple devices. And by using Wi-Fi direct. It allows you to transfer files at very high speeds. This feature did not appear in the final versions of Android 10. It appears in the Google play service application. Its name has changed from Fast Share to Nearby sharing

Fast file transfer services

It wasn’t just Google that. After this service appeared, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo companies cooperated in establishing a file transfer service among themselves as well. This service is supposed to be as fast as AirDrop, or maybe even faster, depending on what the three companies say. Also, the Nearby Sharing service from Google is supposed to have a very high speed in relation to the speeds of current file transfer applications on Android and IOS. So we are awaiting the official launch of the experiment.

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