The stage of pregnancy is one of the important stages in the life of every woman, and it is one of the blessings that God Almighty and Majestic gave her. The necessary medical procedures to detect any obstacles that hinder their normal pregnancy, and before resorting to this step, there are some natural methods that increase the chances of pregnancy that we will present in this article.

Natural ways to increase the chances of pregnancy


Soak two tablespoons of chamomile in a cup of hot water, and drink this water during and after the menstrual cycle.


Marjoram is one of the natural substances that contribute to the regulation of body hormones, and this increases the chances of pregnancy, so we soak the marjoram in a glass of water, leave it for at least ten minutes, then filter it and eat twice a day.


Eating fresh pineapple helps a lot to get pregnant, especially when eating it during ovulation, so we are keen to eat it from the first day of the menstrual cycle until the fifteenth day, and stop eating it after that or if you feel pregnancy, as continuing to eat it leads to Abortion.

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The fenugreek is characterized as a tonic and ovarian stimulant, and this increases the chances of pregnancy, so we put a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in a cup of hot milk, and eat the mixture early in the morning, starting from the second day of the cycle, and continue to do so for five days.


Dates are considered to be of nutritional value that contribute to increasing the chances of pregnancy; This is because it contains vitamins and minerals, so we remove the seeds of at least ten dates from the fruits, and then mash the fruit with four teaspoons of coriander powder well until we get a smooth paste, then boil it with a cup of only a quarter of milk, And we eat the mixture warm on a daily basis, starting from the day of the end of the menstrual cycle for a whole week.

Black bean and honey

Eating honey and black seed together has a great nutritional value that benefits the body, which increases the chances of pregnancy, so we are keen to eat seven grains of black seed and two teaspoons of honey daily in the early morning.

Tips to increase the chances of pregnancy

  • Get enough sleep, so that the period of sleep during the night is not less than 8 hours a day.
  • Stay away from exhaustion, fatigue, and psychological and nervous disorders that negatively affect men and women, and reduce the chances of pregnancy.
  • Practicing light exercises daily to stimulate blood circulation in the body, and thus raise the level of fertility in women, and heavy sports should be avoided, which negatively affect the chances of pregnancy, such as lifting weights and playing karate.
  • Take care to clean the mouth frequently; This is because there are some studies that confirm that there is a close relationship between low fertility in women and poor dental hygiene.
  • Staying away from smoking, which is one of the most factors that affect pregnancy, as it leads to the accumulation of toxins and nicotine in the body, and thus sperm decreases in the body.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes that have a negative impact on the genital area of ​​women and men, as they change the nature of this area in women, and kill sperm in men, and thus reduce the chances of pregnancy.
  • Maintaining an ideal weight and a slim body, because the extra weight puts pressure on the uterus and reduces the chances of pregnancy.

Natural ways to increase the chances of pregnancy

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