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Tuesday February 23, 2021

Natural cleaning supplies

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore, and you definitely don’t have to put up with a lot to clean your home perfectly either. Whether you are trying to save money or reduce the amount of chemicals you use in your home, the kitchen can be a place filled with high-quality natural cleaning products.

If you still have to wash clothes and clean the bathroom and kitchen, we hope the tips below will make using these important materials a little easier.


Coffee is truly one of the best parts of waking up, and it may also be the best part of a cleansing routine. One

The main reason for this is that it can be a powerful deodorant With both hands (No more garlic smell!) And to eliminate fridge odors, too.

Get rid of the garlic and fish smell on the skin even, by rubbing a handful of used coffee on your hands and rinsing it with warm water.

As for the refrigerator, put a bowl of fresh, unused coffee inside and leave it for a day or two. The unpleasant odors will be absorbed by coffee.


An article appears on the site Huffington Post The acidity in ketchup is gentle on your stomach, but strong enough to clean all your copper utensils, whether it’s a skillet, teapot, or tray. Apply the ketchup to the copper and watch it dissolve the stains (thanks to the acid). For tough stains, add a little table salt while polishing, then rub it with a dishwashing sponge.

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According to the magazine Good Housekeeping American, ketchup can also be effective in brightening your car. The spices and ingredients in ketchup do a good job at removing stains, but they are not so good at removing dirt. You may need a multi-step process, with a little soap and water first.

the salt

This type of spice is known for its cleaning properties. The abrasive nature of the salt makes it ideal for cleaning an iron and stainless steel skillet, according to the website Bon Appétit. To remove tough food stains, pour 1 cup of kosher coarse salt into the still warm skillet. Use a folded kitchen towel to scrub and scrub. Get rid of the salt and rinse the pan with hot water. Dry the skillet immediately with a kitchen towel, or heat the skillet over a medium-low heat to evaporate the moisture.

Not only that, I compiled a magazine Reader’s Digest America lists more than 60 ways to clean with salt at home. Its absorbent properties not only make it an ideal deodorant for sneakers, but it can also help clear drain clogs.


Sugar might not be the first substance you think of when you want a detergent. You may conjure up images of a sticky mess, you also have to clean up, but sugar is actually a creative way To remove grass stains from clothes.

Just add enough warm water to 12 cup of sugar to form a paste. Cover the stain with the paste, let it sit for 30 minutes, then wash it as usual. As usual, check the clothes for any remaining stain before putting them in the dryer, as heat can set the stain permanently. If you need to, repeat the process and wash again.

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Coca Cola

You may have heard rumors that a bottle of Coca-Cola could be used to make the counter shiny clean. Yes, it can. Browse the site CNet An American has other magic things Coca-Cola can do, including removing rust and making coins look almost new. It may be effective for removing stains, but it definitely makes you wonder what it’s doing with your guts, right?


The scent of fresh lemon is an instant mood booster, and a generous dose of citrus fruits is perfect for cleansing. From bleaching a load of white laundry to removing unpleasant odors from landfills, lemons are Much more From just an added touch of iced tea.


The Fat-Rich Walnut is not only an all-purpose cleaner, but it is also a great detergent. Anyone with wooden tables or floors knows scratches are inevitable. But did you know that the easiest and fastest way to remove scratches is with a nut? rub Peeled walnuts On wood, natural oil is allowed to seep into the wood, and essentially “fills up” it.


Vinegar may be the deepest cleaning agent you have ever known, as many standard cleaning agents replace this effective liquid. You can make a multi-purpose cleaner using just vinegar and water. Add a part of water, and against it a part of vinegar, and you can add some points from any essential oil. For a list of more than 150 uses of vinegar in the home, check out this list from Reader’s Digest.

baking soda

Wherever there is vinegar, there is baking soda. Not just to make volcanoes erupt, but to actually clean up. One of the most beneficial ways I have used baking soda is Clean dirty jewelry. They are gentle, chemical-free, and inexpensive. Baking soda also helps remove unpleasant odors from washing and lighten it, as detailed on site The Spruce. For more ideas from cleaning the grill to washing products without soap, here’s a list of uses for baking soda here All You.

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Coconut Oil

Is there something coconut oil cannot do? It has been promoted in almost everything, and being a household cleaner can now be added to the list. To see how to use coconut oil as a stain remover and furniture polish, check out this article from Mother Earth Living. If you are still looking for ways to get the most out of coconut oil, then the Today Show It features 50 more ways to use coconut oil, as well as printable menus with ideas for every room in the home.

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