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Tuesday June 30, 2020

NASA designs a ventilation device to help treat corona patients

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The Jet Propulsion Laboratory designed a printable and vibrating 3D pendant, when the user’s hands were very close to his face.

It uses the device called PULSEInfrared sensor with a range of up to 12 inches, once motion is detected, a small vibration motor is activated inside it..

The technology is a response to the number of times individuals touch their eyes, mouths, and noses – all pathways that enter the Corona virus into the body..

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory was involved (JPL) A statement says: “Until a reliable vaccine is provided, it can be combined PULSE Smoothly in our daily lives as we return to our workplace. This reproducible device is designed by anyone with simple manufacturing skills, and can help stop infection from spreading and preserve our health.“.

It made available JPL Files and assembly instructions are available online, as an open source for those looking to build their own devices. Ideally, he wrote, we expect the public to continue developing this concept and making it easily available for distribution“.

It comes PULSE It is a small device around the neck, equipped with an infrared sensor to locate the hands. A coin-sized vibration motor was placed in the plastic case, along with a battery and a holder 3V

Once motion is detected, a vibration motor is triggered. The closer the moving object to the sensor, the stronger the vibration.

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