China President

Hu Xi Jinping, born on June 15, 1953, is the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, President of the People’s Republic of China, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission of China. decision-making in China.

General Secretariat of the Communist Party

On November 15, 2012, Xi was elected to the post of General Secretary of the Communist Party and Chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Communist Party of China by the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and then led the new formation of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau on stage in its first public appearance, which In it, a number of seats was reduced from nine to seven, and what distinguished his first speech as Secretary-General was that it did not include any political slogans or any mention of his predecessors.

In his speech, he emphasized that he was looking for better education, more stable jobs, better living conditions, more reliable social security, high-quality medical care, and a more beautiful environment, and he pledged that he would fight corruption.

China Presidency

Xi was elected President of the People’s Republic of China on March 14, 2013 in a confirmation vote held by the Twelfth National People’s Congress in Beijing; He got 2,952 votes, and his political journey began after that by expressing his non-interference in relations between China and Sri Lanka, and he affirmed China’s support for Hong Kong after a meeting with its CEO, and discussed closer relations with heads of other countries such as Barack Obama.

Xi Jinping’s life

  • Xi was sent by his father when he was ten years old to work in a factory in Luoyang, Henan Province.
  • He had to travel to work in Yanchuan County after his father was imprisoned for the Cultural Revolution.
  • He began studying chemical engineering in Beijing in 1975 at Tsinghua University, from which he obtained his degree in 1979.
  • He served as Xi’s minister on behalf of his father in 1979 and continued to do so from 1982, after which he became Vice Premier of the State Council and General Secretary of the Central Military Commission.
  • He studied Marxist philosophy and ideological education in the graduate program at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences from 1998 to 2002 at Tsinghua University.
  • He took political leadership positions in neighboring Zhejiang, and was subsequently elected as a full member of the Sixteenth Central Committee.
  • Xi was transferred to Shanghai in March 2007 to become Party Chairman from Shanghai after the dismissal of Shanghai Party Chairman Chen Liangyu in September 2006 due to the Social Security Fund scandal.

The name of the President of China

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