Najran City

The city of Najran is one of the most famous Saudi cities, located in the south of the Kingdom on the Yemeni border, specifically east of the Arab Shield region, which extends to the borders of Jordan, and has an area of ​​about three hundred and sixty-five thousand square kilometers.

The city of Najran is the land of Al-Ukhdood, which was mentioned in the Holy Qur’an at the beginning of Surat Al-Buruj, and its name goes back to its founder, Najran bin Zaidan bin Saba bin Yahjab bin Yarub bin Qahtan, as he was the first to build and inhabit it. door latch”.

Residents of Gran City

The people of Najran are descended from the Hamdan tribe, its stomachs, and its branches, such as the Waila tribe and the Yam tribe, and the estimated population is about 505,652 people, distributed over eight governorates: Najran governorate, which is the capital and its largest city, Sharawa governorate, Al-Husainiya district, Thar governorate, and Yadmah governorate. Badr Al-Janoub Governorate, Khabash Governorate, in addition to Al-Kharkhir Governorate.

Geography of Najran City

In the city of Najran there is a sandy area on the eastern side of it, and it is a part of the Empty Quarter desert, and there is a mountainous area with very high heights, some of which rise above sea level at a height of about one thousand and eight hundred meters. Marble is extracted from these mountains with hard granite rocks.

The Najran Mountains are very rich in natural resources and minerals, foremost of which is gold, which is extracted from the plate mines in the Al-Thar Governorate. .

Economy of Najran City

The Najran region is famous for many traditional industries, such as the manufacture of pottery, pottery, soapstone, jewelry, and the manufacture and maintenance of daggers. It is overlaid with gold and silver, and the sheath is often made of wood inlaid with silver, and natural leather, to be fixed later with a luxurious leather belt.

Tourism in Najran

The city of Najran is rich in antiquities, as a result of the eras and civilizations that followed it, and it dates back to the Himyarites, the Sabaeans, and the Romans, and its most important ancient monuments are:

  • Groove City.
  • The historic Saadan Palace.
  • Al Minej Heritage Village.
  • Isha and the cave of King Saud.
  • Badr Al Janoub Castle.
  • Najran Fort.

It has many luxury hotels, in addition to popular markets, palaces, clubs, health centers, and gyms, such as the Karate Hall that organizes matches for this sport, and the Great Public Library of Najran, where heritage, cultural and poetry festivals are held.

Najran city, Saudi Arabia

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