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Wednesday February 24, 2021

Muslim Community: The Italian ambassador killed in the Congo attack was a Muslim

World – Europe

Reliable sources close to the family confirmed this news, while it was reported that the Italian diplomat had adopted Amir’s name.

For his part, Bara Al-Obeidi, imam of the Maria Mosque in Milan, said that Ambassador Atanasio should be considered a martyr according to the Islamic definition.

Al-Obeidi added that the Italian ambassador was killed an innocent and within the framework of his humanitarian commitment, while some Islamic societies organize to celebrate Friday prayers in absentia for Atanasio and his driver, Mustafa Milambo.

Italy seeks clarifications from the United Nations regarding the killing of its ambassador to the Republic of the Congo

Italy asked the United Nations on Wednesday to open an investigation and to provide “clear responses” after its ambassador to the Democratic Republic of the Congo was killed in an attack on a convoy of the World Food Program that was organizing the diplomat’s visit.

Ambassador Luca Atanazio (43 years) died from a gunshot wound while he was in a car as part of a convoy of the World Food Program that was targeted in an ambush in North Kivu (east), near the border with Rwanda.

His Italian bodyguard, Vittorio Yakovaci, and the Congolese driver for the World Food Program, Mustafa Milambo, were also killed.

“We have formally requested the World Food Program and the United Nations to open an investigation to clarify the circumstances of what happened, the reasons that justify the security arrangements used, and who bears responsibility for these decisions,” Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio told the deputies.

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“We have also explained that we are waiting for clear and comprehensive responses as soon as possible,” he added.

North Kivu is considered one of the most dangerous regions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and is located on the borders of the Virunga National Reserve. However, officials in humanitarian agencies confirmed that the convoy’s route did not require escort.

But it seems that this information was not enough for Rome, which wants to understand the reasons for the presence of a diplomat in a dangerous region without adequate protection.

“We are expecting from the agency an in-depth report on every useful element regarding the visit program and the security measures that were adopted to protect the delegation,” the Italian foreign minister added.

He added that the ambassador could have decided on his own way of traveling in the country, but organizing this visit to the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo was under the full responsibility of the World Food Program.

The Italian minister said, “The mission was carried out at the invitation of the United Nations, so the car’s route also took place within the framework of the organization planned by the World Food Program.”

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