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Thursday June 25, 2020

Mountaineering tourism in Egypt

Mountaineering tourism in Egypt is of great interest, especially for adventure enthusiasts, and the experience of this unique type of sports that relies on physical skills and experience in the mountainous nature. What are the most famous features about mountain climbing in Egypt?

Mountaineering tourism in Egypt

Egypt is famous for the spread of mountains in multiple governorates, and unique tourist destinations. Some of these mountains pave the way for climbing and others do not fit, and the mountainous nature in Egypt has attracted many lovers of domestic tourism, as well as tourists from all over the world to enjoy the wonderful and charming oriental atmosphere in the arms of the mountains.

Often these areas enjoy the protection of their people from the Bedouins and desert dwellers, they are the guides, and they will protect you from all the risks expected in a wild atmosphere like the desert, and they will also help you in providing all the tools you may need for camping or mountain climbing.

Musa Mountain

  • The mountain is 7000 feet high, and it is located in the Sinai Peninsula, and at the top of Mount Musa, the three religions, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism meet. There, God Almighty revealed the Ten Commandments of Moses, peace be upon him.
  • To reach the top of Mount Moses, there are two methods, the first of which is the easiest and the longest, which is the path of the Basheit railways, and the other is the steepest, which is the silence of Moses, and literally translated into the “path of Moses”.
  • The path of Moses is more suitable for mountain climbers, because it increases by 3,750 steps, which are “steps of repentance.” It is advised to climb the mountain as much as possible before sunset to enjoy the beauty of the view from above, and to feel the value of the place where God spoke to Moses, peace be upon him.
  • Preparing to ascend the mountain before sunrise is one of the most amazing experiences that deserve adventure, so sun rays will be reflected on all slopes of Jabal Musa.
  • We must prepare well for the boarding trip, to overcome the feeling of morning heat, and during the descent of the mountain.
  • After a mountain climbing and landing trip, you can take a stroll to enjoy the beauty of the desert while you are riding camels, and be sure to read and see, as you are in the presence of a place that combines many purposes of tourism.

St. Catherine Mountain

  • The summit of Mount St. Catherine is related to Mount Moses, and represents the most difficult mountain peak, it represents the highest surface in Egypt, and it is also the tallest summit in it.
  • Mount St. Catherine is considered one of the arduous mountains in its ascent, and it cannot be climbed without a guide, nor is it equipped with breaks, blankets and tents for those who like to sleep at night as is the case with Mount Moses.

Mudawara Mountain

  • Just ninety meters from the capital, Cairo, which is only an hour and a quarter, we reach the oasis of Jabal Mudawara in Fayoum; Where the climate is temperate most of the year, and the destination that many intend for its multiple tourist purposes.
  • The nature of the land there is characterized by being unpolluted, and it is spread by plants and animals, especially those that are extinct, and birds as well. There are also valleys where there is not only water, but also sand dunes and palm trees.
  • The region has many attractions of different eras, such as the Pharaonic era, the Roman era, the Coptic era, and the Islamic era.
  • There are many lakes in the region, the only waterfall in Fayoum in Egypt, and the Mountain of Mudawara, which is considered one of the mountains that Fayyum fans intend to climb, observing the vast area of ​​the desert, and the lakes from above.
  • -Mudawara Mountain is located only two hundred meters south of Wadi -Rayyan Road, and north of Lake Fayoum. It is advised during the trip to reach the mountain to leave your car before walking and reach the mountain at the side of the road.
  • The mountain has three major peaks, with some bumps that rise to the west, and in the far east there is a short elevation of rocks, with a clear bump at the top, which cannot appear even on Google Earth because of its small presence.
  • The summit of Jabal Mudawara is one of the most difficult mountain peaks that can be reached in Egypt.
  • The existence of the 45millionyearold Mudawara Mountain is associated with the premidLeocenian period, whose civilization spread to northern Egypt; This, in turn, caused the appearance of those arcs to the southwest and the northeast direction.
  • The mountain has a natural appearance during, and the surrounding location is picturesque, with the spread of socalled “angel pits” similar to the fossilized coins found in the area.
  • The surface of the area is characterized by the presence of that groove or fracture, which was filled with water and became part of the vast lake at the end of one of the geological eras, the Pleistocene era, when the lake began to dry gradually.

Mount of Majesty

  • Mount Galala is located in the Suez Governorate, at an altitude of three thousand feet, above the sea level, and contains many plants, and had had water sources but was subject to drought.
  • Mount Galala was called the Goliath Plateau, until it was renamed in the 1920s.
  • Mount Galala is famous for extracting tin from it, and its color ranges from white to cream, and one of the studies was conducted in 1989 to discover the ability of sea water on Mount Galala, and this study produced amazing results.

Red Sea Mountain

  • This pavement of the Red Sea mountain peaks pave the length of one hundred and seventy meters. Where the project of that mountain path will pave the way to visit the rugged mountain peaks, which have always received little popularity in front of the famous beaches of Hurghada.
  • This path of climbing the mountain is bumpy, and it is not paved with places to stay or wait, so we must prepare to carry all the equipment well and in advance.

Sarbal Mountain

  • Mount Serbal is one of the best mountains, Sinai. Moreover, it represents an adventure and a real challenge in front of everyone who intends to climb.
  • The first difficulty is that the mountain is significantly elevated from the surface of the earth, and the path of climb to its summit is very long.
  • The Qarshah tribe in the Wadi Feeran owns the exclusive right to drive excursions to this mountain.
  • The tops of the mountains extend swimming pools, green spaces, and successive drifts, lying on one side, look stunningly beautiful.
  • Upon reaching the top of the Serbal mountain, the most beautiful scenes of the Gulf of Suez and the Ferrand Valley appear. Accordingly, the trip to be enjoyable on the mountain Serbal does not exceed three days, especially for lovers of hiking.

Desert desert mountains

  • This area is paved for hiking enthusiasts, accompanied by guides, as well as in groups, and through which you can explore empty desert cities in the north of the Siwa region.
  • The pleasure of climbing sandy mountains with desert deserts lies in the diversity of colors between orange, black and white, as well as the presence of rocks carved by the wind.
  • Upon hiking in deserts you will discover the Crystal Mountain, the White Desert and the Black Desert, and in the vicinity there is the Valley of Whales, the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, as well as the tomb of Alexander the Great.
  • The period between October and April is the most appropriate period, to walk in the desert and climb these sandy mountains, and enjoy watching life from the top.[3]

The mountainous nature of Egypt has always attracted the attention of many, and it is either paved or unpaved, but in both cases it does not cancel the pleasure of enjoying this sport, especially as it occurs with the participation of everyone, and this is something in itself that needs documentation.

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