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Wednesday September 30, 2020

Most of Apple’s services have stopped working for a large number of users

Hours ago, Apple’s services stopped working for a while, in an event that appeared to be due to problems with the company’s data servers. As the stoppage reached most of the company’s services and for a large number of users, while some services were subject to a complete suspension of all users, according to the company.

After the major disruption of services, Apple solved more than 25 problems with its services that caused them to stop for hours, before returning to work again.

The list of Apple services that suddenly stopped includes:

  • Find My service
  • Gaming center
  • ICloud accounts and service logins
  • Backup in iCloud
  • ICloud Calendar
  • Synced Contacts to iCloud
  • ICloud Email
  • ICloud Web Applications – com
  • IWork service
  • Photo service
  • ITunes U service
  • Arcade games service
  • Apple Music Service
  • Musical Radio Service
  • TV channels service
  • TV + visual content service
  • News service
  • Radio service
  • App Store
  • Mac app store
  • Book store
  • Schoolwork
  • Apple School Manager service
  • Apple Cash payment service
  • Apple Card credit card service
  • Business Administration Service

This stoppage in Apple’s services comes after many stops witnessed by major technology companies around the world; Including Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter, due to the great pressure on corporate websites since the beginning of the Corona pandemic due to home quarantine for most people around the world.


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