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Monday June 29, 2020

Moscow confirms its withdrawal from the UN mechanism for Syria and explains its reason

The World – Syria

“This mechanism was the result of a voluntary agreement. It has no mandate from the UN Security Council. I have referred more than once to the disadvantages of this mechanism, but it has been consistently ignored,” Nebenzia said during a meeting of the UN Security Council on Monday.

The Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations for Humanitarian Affairs, Marc Lukoc, said that Russia had informed the United Nations of its withdrawal from the clearing-house mechanism on humanitarian sites and the movements of humanitarian personnel inside Syria on June 23.

Earlier, the Russian delegate to the United Nations had criticized the mechanism, indicating that it is not without flaws, but rather is used for disinformation campaigns, as there were cases of use of the sites referred to as humanitarian, by terrorists. Nebenzia also pointed out the difference between the coordinates of the United Nations and the locations where it was.

Washington feels a “shock”

Commenting on the Russian withdrawal from the UN mechanism, the US permanent representative to the United Nations, Kelly Croft, said the United States was “shocked” by the Russian decision.

And she considered that the aim of this step is to “lay down new obstacles to humanitarian aid in Syria,” accusing “the Assad regime and its allies” of “waging war on the Syrian people, and turning humanitarian aid into a weapon,” she claimed.

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