Mohamed Naguib (Egyptian translator and physician)
personal information
Date of Birth 1992 –
Nationality Egypt
practical life
Languages Korean and English
active years 2018 – so far
Notable works please take care mom
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Mohamed Naguib, an Egyptian translator and physician, was born in the city of Mansoura in 1992 and received a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery from Kasr Al-Ainy College in 2015. [1]

The love of reading from a young age led him to learn languages, so he began the journey of learning the Korean and French languages ​​since 2014.

his translations[عدل]

The first book he translated from English was titled “Brain on Fire: A Month of Madness” by American journalist Susanna Kahalan, which combines talk about mental illness and journalistic investigation. The Arabic translation of the book was published by Athr Publishing and Distribution in 2018.

The first literary work was published in the form of a short story translated from Korean, entitled “Run, Dad!” Korean writer Kim I-ran in Doha Cultural Magazine. It was followed by several literary works that he translated from Korean into Arabic, such as the novel “The White Book” and “Human Deeds” by Han Kang, winner of the Man Booker International Prize for her novel “The Vegetarian” in 2016, and he translated the novel “A Girl Who Wrote Solitude” and “Please Take Care of My Mother”. and “I’ll Be There” by Kyung Seok Shin, the first Korean woman to receive the 2012 Man Asian Literary Prize. [2]

the reviewer[عدل]

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