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[[ملف:Hegazy.jpg|يمين|تصغير|232×232بك|درس الصيدلة بالقاهرة عام 1959 و 1960]]
Ahmed Hegazy (born October 24, 1939 in Cairo, died February 5, 2021 in Leverkusen, Germany) was a German pharmacologist of Egyptian origin. He worked in the Pharmaceutical Technology Department of the German Bayer Company from 1966 until 1999, a period that led him to his pharmaceutical research in discovering a new galenic formulation – a synthetic that improves drug absorption – for two DHA calcium channel blockers, nimodipine and nifedipine. Its new formula, through calcium channel blockers, succeeded in affecting the muscles of blood vessels and making them in a state of relaxation, which contributes to improving the efficacy of treating cases of chronic high blood pressure. In 1991, Ahmed Hegazy received the "Auto Bayer Medal" It has been recognized for its pharmaceutical discovery that helped dissolve poorly soluble pharmaceutical ingredients and thus improve their absorption into the blood vessels. Today, Ahmed Hegazy’s discovery of Galenic’s new formulation, known by the symbols AG (A. Ohm), remains the basis for Bayer’s modern pharmaceutical industry.

== His life ==
[[ملف:Hegazy-شهادة.jpg|تصغير|173×173بك|شهادة منح وسام أوتو باير لأحمد حجازي عام 1991]]
Ahmed Hegazy was born in Cairo in 1939 and was the youngest of his seven brothers. He obtained high school, the scientific section, as his school certificate shows, and he was ranked ninety-sixth out of 10445 students. Hegazy joined the Faculty of Pharmacy at Cairo University and after obtaining a Bachelor of Pharmacy with distinction, the government of the Arab Republic sent him in 1961 on a scholarship to West Germany in order to complete his higher studies and obtain a doctorate from the University of "Technical Braunschwijk". In 1966, Hegazy obtained his doctorate degree under the supervision of Professor Walter Ave, with a thesis entitled: Contributions to the analysis of pantothenic acid and panthenol (ie, analysis of vitamin and provitamin B5). Ahmed Hegazy has worked at Bayer Company in Leverkusen since 1966, first as a plant manager at the Penicillin Production Plant, and then as a Director of a Production Plant "Galenic formula " Finally, he held the position of Head of Liquid and Semi-solid Pharmaceuticals Department at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology. Ahmed Hegazy has been busy since 1977 with researching to improve the absorption of the medicinal nifedipine preparation, and his research was successful after his new discovery, which made Bayer’s pharmaceutical product gain international fame in the pharmaceutical market under the name of "Adalat Ritchard" Adalat retard. In his spare time, Ahmed Hegazy was fond of studying botany. In 1999, Ahmed Hegazy retired from work, and left our world in 2021.

== His works ==
On September 9, 1980, the German company Bayer obtained a patent for a medicinal preparation in the form of tablets containing nifedipine in its new composition, which was discovered by Ahmed Hegazy by 75% and Klaus-Dieter Remisch by 25%, from the German Patent Office in Munich (and carried Patent No.: DE3033919 and EP0047899[1]). The drug’s solid surface area of ​​1-4 mg²/g contributes to the best absorption of the active substance, which will last for more than 36 hours. Before Ahmed Hegazy came up with this new formulation, nifedipine was offered in the form of a soft gelatin capsule. And because the active substance in this flexible gelatinous form becomes very sensitive to light, Bayer was unable to produce it itself, and it was using a company "ar. with me. Shearer" American production of capsules. This is in addition to the fact that the capsule cover contained pork skins, which made it difficult to export it to all countries of the world. While I used tablets "Adalat Ritchard"In its new formulation, which was discovered by Hegazy, iron oxide is used as a successful way to protect the active substance from the negative effects of light. Bayer was able to produce the new drug, which became available in more than forty countries around the world.
In the nineties of the twentieth century, medicine "guides" Produced by Bayer, it replaces aspirin for two reasons: its wide ability since 1985 to achieve effective and safe results in lowering high blood pressure, as is the case when using tablets "Adalat Ritchard" As a single daily dose for patients with chronic hypertension. Both reasons contributed significantly to the increase in Bayer’s sales of this new drug.[1][2] still "guides" To this day it is one of the fifteen best drugs produced by Bayer. In 1995, a legal dispute arose in the United States of America between the German companies Bayer and the American Pfizer over the patent for the drug, and Ahmed Hegazy accompanied the chemist and his legal advisor "Knud Shawartih" defending his patent, and the court concluded in its ruling that the medicinal preparation produced by Pfizer under the name of "Procardia XL" Procardia XL was primarily based on this formulation (Patent No. US5264446), which was discovered by Ahmed Hegazy. It should be noted here that Ahmed Hegazy participated in ten other patents that were registered for the company "Bayer Group".[3]

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