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Thursday October 1, 2020

Moderna: It is not possible to produce an anti-corona vaccine before the US elections

The world – the Americas

“We will have enough safety data on November 25 to be able to submit an emergency request to the Food and Drug Administration, provided that the safety data is good, that is, the vaccine is considered safe,” Moderna General Manager Stephane Bansel said during a conference organized by the Financial Times.

Moderna, in addition to Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson, is conducting the third phase of clinical trials on experimental vaccines for the virus, during which tens of thousands of volunteers are injected with the vaccine and a similar number with a placebo vaccine, in order to verify the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine.

There is a fourth vaccine in the United States that has reached this third stage, but clinical trials on it have been temporarily suspended. It is a vaccine developed by “AstraZeneca” in cooperation with the University of Oxford.

US President Donald Trump has expressed many times his hope for a vaccine before the upcoming November 3 elections, which raised health experts’ fears of putting political pressure on the regulatory process for adopting vaccines.

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