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Tuesday June 15, 2021

Mining fever hits Gameboy devices

Gameboy consoles are one of the first handheld devices released in the world that were revolutionary at the time and it seems that miners have decided to bring back the glory of Gameboy consoles once again.

Game devices have become deficient in the market because of miners and there are a lot of miners now who started mining through laptops and home game consoles, but some decided to look for more innovative solutions and this made one of them start mining on Gameboy devices that were issued more than 30 years ago.

This miner called Stacksmashing was able to mine on a very old Gameboy by connecting the device through a Gameboy link cable with a Raspberry Pi Pico chip and then mining on the device.

Of course, the device needs to be connected to the Bitcoin network and then the bitcoin Node to be able to mine in a good way and you will need to buy a device that is not modified and has not been modified at all.

The Raspberry Pi chip is used to connect to the Internet because these devices did not have Internet capabilities 30 years ago.

Far from being a creative and fun idea, mining on Gameboy devices is not at all practical and this is due to the weak processing power of the device, which means that you will need millions of years to be able to mine a single coin or even get a satisfactory result and make it worth it.


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