Milk mask to soften hair

Milk helps to soften the hair and enhance its luster, as it contains proteins, whey and casein, and it can be used by following the following steps:[1]

  • the ingredients:
  • How to prepare:
  • A third of a cup of milk.
  • spray bottle.
  • Wide tooth comb.
  • The milk is placed in a spray bottle, and here any type of available milk can be used.
  • Sprinkle the milk evenly over damp hair, concentrating on the scalp and ends of the hair.
  • He combs the hair; To get rid of tangles.
  • Massage the scalp.
  • Wash hair well and leave it to dry.

Milk and honey hair mask

This mask helps in strengthening the hair; Because it contains proteins, in addition to vitamin E, it is used by following the following method:[2]

  • the ingredients:
  • How to prepare:
  • Half a cup of milk.
  • Half a cup of water.
  • A tablespoon of honey.
  • Mix milk and water in an empty spray bottle. Coconut milk, cow’s milk, or almond milk can be used.
  • Add honey, and stir the mixture well.
  • Spray the mixture well on the hair, taking into account that it reaches the roots and ends of the hair. It is also recommended to massage the scalp with the fingertips.
  • Comb the hair from the roots to the ends, and leave the mixture for 30 minutes.
  • Wash the hair well with cold water, then comb it with a wide-toothed comb while it is wet, and leave it to dry.

Banana and yogurt hair mask

A banana and yogurt mask helps to get healthy and shiny hair in a short time, as yogurt contains lactic acid, which treats dry and damaged hair, and the mask is prepared by following the following method:[3]

  • the ingredients:
  • How to prepare:
  • Three ripe bananas.
  • A tablespoon of milk.
  • Two tablespoons of yogurt.
  • Three tablespoons of honey.
  • Blend the ingredients together in a blender for a few seconds.
  • Apply the mixture to freshly washed hair, massaging gently with fingertips for a few minutes.
  • Wrap the hair with a plastic cap, and leave it for about an hour.
  • Wash the hair with shampoo.

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Milk mask for hair

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