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Friday December 4, 2020

Microsoft tests Cortana’s search for files and their content under Windows 10

After Microsoft decided to stop the expansion of its voice assistant Cortana on other operating systems such as Android and iOS, it is now starting to test the expansion of its functions locally, that is, within Windows 10 itself so that it can search for files via voice commands only.

Whether you are a single user, or a company with a local network and files on OneDrive or SharePoint, Cortana can find the files needed for you by simply searching for them.

Microsoft says Cortana has become powerful enough to find the information you want without providing it with too many subtle details. This means just remembering part of the file name or the creator of the file will be enough to search for information and data from documents and present it to you.

You can either request searching in recent files, or open a file on a specific topic to show it directly to you.

Now with the developer version and test version of Windows 10 with build number 20270, Cortana’s capabilities in searching for internal files have become stronger, but as usual, we do not expect it to directly support searching in files named in Arabic or their data in Arabic.


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