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Thursday August 6, 2020

Microsoft seeks to acquire the global version of Tik Tok (report)

Microsoft expands its plan and seeks to fully acquire the application of Tik Tok instead of buying its operations in the United States of America

Back and talking about the most controversial acquisition in the technical market in the recent period “Microsoft – Tik Tok” a new report came from Financial Times The programming giant allegedly intends to acquire the entire operations of the Chinese entertainment platform in the world; Contrary to what the company previously announced entering negotiations to acquire its operations in the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

In detailing the report, it was stated that ByteDance, the company currently owning the application, will remain in the event of completion of the deal that owns its Chinese version, Douyin, while the benefit of Microsoft’s management of the application globally will be the freedom to use it between countries by users wherever they are in the world without restrictions linking them in a specific country in the event of partial acquisition. Just.

The report also indicated that Microsoft put at the head of this new shift in its plan and adopted the idea of ​​global acquisition of the application as a condition; It is to give it a one-year opportunity to end the process of separating the application from the Chinese company.

In light of the new report, the matter of Microsoft’s inclination to acquire the entire application does not seem unlikely, especially since the issue has a direct relationship with the head of the US pyramid of power, President Donald Trump, who considered the application an explicit threat to national security and threatened its owners with either sale or ban.

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To date, there are no guarantees on the ground that indicate the possibility of completing the transaction by total acquisition or even the above mentioned partial acquisition; While Microsoft or ByteDance have not provided any information about the matter for a moment, we have not even denied these allegations.


Financial Times

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