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Thursday November 26, 2020

Microsoft reports that it intends to support Android applications on Windows in 2021

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Microsoft and the never-ending improvement of Windows 10, Android is coming and Android application support is coming to Windows during the year 2021, as numerous reports have appeared indicating Microsoft’s intention to launch support for the most prominent mobile system applications on the most prominent computer system as well, since the company opened to the world Open source software and Microsoft provides Windows 10 with additions that make it more usable even by using other systems, Linux commands and everything you can use Linux for, this is very good for the system to be able to use it for more than one purpose easily.

What do we know?

  • Microsoft is drastically improving Windows 10
  • The company intends to support Android applications on the system in a future plan

Microsoft plans to support Android apps on Windows 10

Based on numerous reports, it seems that the company intends to improve the system more and more by adding support for more applications, so the company initially added Linux software commands until Windows became fully supportive of them, and command sets and Ubuntu Terminal became available on the Windows Store as any third-party applications you can download easily Now, it seems that Android applications are also coming, based on reports that have reached Windows Central, it seems that the company intends to do so to improve the system experience further.

Microsoft reports intends to support Android applications on Windows in 2021 1

Zac Bowden, a journalist from Windows Central, wrote about this on his account on the social networking site twitter that the company really intends to add support for Android applications on Windows, not only the possibility of installing them, but that these applications will be available directly on the Windows Store for download, just as you download party applications A third of this store – if you do this – with ease, meaning that you will not need applications for Windows itself, almost a few, but this is new.

How is that?

Reports Microsoft intends to support Android applications on Windows in 2021 2

We do not know how Microsoft will do this, so it seems very strange for you to run applications based on the ARM architecture on an operating system running the architecture of X64 or X86 completely different, and how the applications will do with all their settings on a different system, completely, as well as how it will support Google applications that are completely dependent on Google Play services, Google services do not work efficiently unless they are within the system applications do not fit to be third-party applications, how will Microsoft support them?


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