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Tuesday October 20, 2020

Microsoft provides the option to work from home permanently

Microsoft has told its employees that it will allow them to work from home permanently with the approval of the manager.

The move is similar to what the giants Facebook and Twitter did, which made working from home a constant option for their employees.

This comes as part of a rapid shift from office work to remote work in response to coronavirus precautions.

Firms are reassessing the office space they need and anticipating a long-term increase in telecommuting.

Microsoft said that some roles will require the presence of people themselves, which are jobs that need to be near equipment. But many employees will be able to work from home part-time, without the need for formal approval from managers.

A Microsoft spokeswoman said of the new guidelines: “Our goal is to develop the way we work over time, guided by employee feedback and data, and our commitment to support individual work styles and company needs while keeping pace with our culture.” She confirmed that the decision would apply to UK employees as well.

Working from home is not unusual by any means

Microsoft allows work from home (IStock)

As of April, the proportion of people doing some work from their homes had increased to 46%, according to the For the British National Statistics OfficeAnd 42% in the US in May, according to a Stanford economics professor, Nicholas Bloom, Which addressed in his research people from 20 to 64 years old, whose income was more than $ 10,000 last year.

While this percentage decreased to around 35% in August, there is still a big change, as the percentage of full-time home workers before the pandemic did not exceed 2%.

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“What we’re doing now is by no means unusual,” said Bloom.

A permanent shift to work from home at Microsoft

Microsoft Corporation (ISTOCK)
Microsoft Corporation (ISTOCK)

Surprisingly, many business owners celebrated the shift to working from home as a productivity benefit. But as the months passed, some flaws appeared.

For example, at this month’s conference, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that the absence of a separation between personal and work life means that you “sometimes feel like you sleep in the office.”

As companies look beyond the pandemic, Professor Blume said that many companies are considering policies that combine two days a week from home and three in the office, and these three days will remain important for holding meetings, building company culture, loyalty and maintaining mental health.

“Both parties, that is, work from the office all the time or from home all the time, are not the best option for most people,” Blum said.

But he said he did not expect the pre-pandemic office to return.

“The Facebook statement is totally consistent with everything we hear. Companies are almost unanimous that the pandemic has forever changed the way we do business.”

A company survey found Willis Towers Watson For employers in May, they expect 22% of employees to continue working from home after the pandemic ends, increasing the percentage from

7% in 2019.

About 55% of employers said they expect their employees to work from home for at least one day after fears over the virus are over, according to To poll. And more than 80% of the employees supported this idea.

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Analysts said that such a change may have wide repercussions, including reducing the demand for office and residential real estate in city centers with high living costs. Rents have fallen in New York and San Francisco.

Professor Blume said changes in the workplace will facilitate solving high-cost housing problems, but it will not be the end of city centers. He added, “The levels of rent and ownership prices in New York and San Francisco may return to what they were in 2005. But they will certainly not be without their residents.”

  • This topic is translated from the site BBC.

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