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Monday February 24, 2020

Microsoft officially reveals the Xbox Series X technical specifications

Microsoft unveiled the official technical specifications for the new Xbox Series X gaming machine, which was marked by significant improvements in graphics, processor speed, and storage technologies.

The new gaming console takes advantage of the AMD Zen 2 processor design and the RDNA2 architecture that is not yet available on a personal computer that gives four times the processing power compared to the Xbox One and about 12 teraflops of the graphics processing capacity which is twice the capabilities of Xbox One X and four times the capabilities of Xbox One, which gives an experience Featured toys.

In terms of storage, the company used NVMe SSDs, which speed up download time. Microsoft uses DirectX Raytracing Accelerator, which gives greater graphics realism, especially in reflections such as light and realistic scenes.

The company used a very fast resumption technology that allowed to return to the game from the breakpoint without the need to wait and the appearance of loading screens.

The company has also made improvements to reduce the standby time in wireless communications with the grip as the inputs are synchronized directly with their display on the screen and there is an improvement in the accuracy and responsiveness of the control grip.

Microsoft also cooperated with the HDMI Forum, support for HDMI 2.1, and TV manufacturers to support the ALLM standby mode and the variable refresh rate VRR in order to set the screen to operate in the lowest standby time to display the image, as well as synchronize the refresh rate to match between the game and the screen.

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In terms of frame speed and shooting games, the new Xbox supports 120 frames per second and allows developers to bypass the old benchmarks to get realistic graphics and faster.

This was in terms of hardware, but in terms of games, the new device supports compatibility with four generations of Xbox devices, and it includes even Xbox 360, as well as games in the Xbox Game Pass service, and with the great development of hardware, it will look better.

Finally, Xbox supports Smart Distribution, a cross-buy technology. Which means you can buy games once and play them on all compatible Xbox devices, and there is no need to buy a new version for newer devices, meaning you can play your old games on the new device,

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