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Monday April 6, 2020

Microsoft launches the new Microsoft 365 subscription

A Microsoft 365 subscription is a new Microsoft subscription that the company is launching as a replacement for the company’s existing Office 365. Microsoft aspires to move office applications from individual and business space to a range that includes the family as well. By offering an individual and a family subscription. The rename that Microsoft is trying to make wants to increase its profits well. Let’s talk about it a little bit

What do we know?

  • Microsoft is promoting a new subscription to Microsoft 365
  • The new subscription includes Office programs for the individual and the family at the same time

Microsoft 365

Microsoft intends to replace the Office 365 subscription with this subscription. The new subscription from the company will be available mainly at the end of April, specifically from the 21 of April. Subscribing as we have said will give us permission to use Microsoft’s famous Office desktop applications. But Microsoft intends to add additions and other benefits to the application in the future.

Subscription prices

Microsoft 365 Family

Microsoft 365 Personal

Subscription 1500 pounds annually

1200 pounds annually

Available software

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Access Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Access
Services OneDrive, Skype

OneDrive, Skype

To use on

Windows, Android, IOS, and Mac systems Windows, Android, IOS, and Mac systems
1TB space on OneDrive Available for up to 6 users

Available for one user

Additional features on OneNote

available available
Monthly updates with additional benefits available



Additional benefits

Microsoft launches new Microsoft 365 subscription 2

Microsoft intends to launch new services related to this subscription in the future. The first of these is the Microsoft Family Safety app for family subscription. This will allow family members to share their current locations between each other and their device screens as well. This is like Apple’s Find My app. This app can share a notification when a family member leaves the home – office – school. There are also additional features in the Microsoft Teams application that Microsoft intends to add to the application belonging to the same subscription to the company, but there is not much information about these features that Microsoft intends to add


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