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Monday June 29, 2020

Microsoft has reduced the time to avoid essential updates in Windows 10 to 35 days

Pointed location WindowsTimes Microsoft has reduced the length of avoiding major updates in Windows 10 in its latest version of 2004 for the business wire to be similar to that used in the regular consumer version Home.

The new delay period for updates is 35 days after the option available to skip basic updates was up to a full year, so the situation changed with the previous April release of Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise and Education versions, as the option was removed from the Windows update settings menu.

The company commented that the action taken aims to prevent chaos and confusion and target computers with versions of Windows almost out of service by taking advantage of the new policy of reducing the delay of updates.

In more depth in the company’s decision, we see that it poses positives in terms of keeping computers up to date with improvements and improvements, as well as safety in case one of them relates to major updates; On the level of entrepreneurs and companies, it may not be satisfactory in light of its intent to avoid updates to ensure the smooth operation of the period as long as possible without the need to adopt new improvements.

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