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Monday April 6, 2020

Microsoft Edge beats Mozilla Firefox as the second most used browser

Since its launch three months ago, the new Microsoft Edge browser has started to gain success gradually and has proven that it can be adopted as a basic browser especially for those who were using Chrome, and today the numbers confirm this, as it became second in the browser race.

According to data of NetMarketShare, the market share of the Edge browser in March reached 7.6%, outperforming Mozilla Firefox, which had a share of 7.2%, and of course Chrome remains in the lead with 68.5%.

The reasons for Edge’s success are well-known, as it is the default browser in Windows, the most popular system around the world, and the new version based on Chromium came with great improvements, including reducing RAM consumption and even support for downloading Chrome browser add-ons itself. It can also import all your data from Chrome.

With this, Edge is trying to erase the notorious old browser or even Internet Explorer which was once known to be the browser that people only use to download another browser!

Although Edge’s numbers are still modest, but it is a matter of concern to Google in the long run, as its current short age is starting to give it this momentum, meaning gradually over a few years it may become a strong and real competitor and a large market share.

The biggest loser then will be Safari and Firefox, especially with their declining market share, as website developers will prioritize Chrome and Edge based on Chromium in supporting their sites for it.

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