Methods of treating corruption of belief

Among the ways and methods by which corruption of belief is dealt with, we mention:[1]

  • Fighting the corrupt conceptions of the creed that were filled with the books of the previous scholars of theology and philosophy, which was one of the most important reasons that distracted Muslims from the correct creed when it became a subject taught in Muslim institutes and schools.
  • Returning to the approach of the righteous predecessors who extracted the correct belief from the Book of God Almighty and the Sunnah of His Noble Prophet, and understanding the meanings of the verses and their connotations without looking for the method through corrupt interpretation and manipulation of texts.
  • A certain firm belief that the source of the correct belief and its rulings are found in the Book of God and the Sunnah of His Noble Prophet, and in those sources there is no need for others.
  • The certain and firm belief that the way to know God Almighty and His Unity, and to understand matters of belief is only through the texts of revelation, but the function of the mind was to perceive and understand those texts, for reason alone is not sufficient to infer on matters of faith; Because these matters are unseen and there is no way to comprehend them except by what the texts of revelation from God Almighty have brought.
  • Belief that the correct belief was before the emergence of Islamic sects and sects, and the righteous predecessors were deeply aware of it simply and without complexity.
  • Belief that the approach of the Surviving Sect is the approach that was followed by the predecessor of the nation, which was based on the Book of God and the Sunnah of His Noble Prophet.

The difference between a true belief and a corrupt belief

The difference between the correct belief and the corrupt belief is that the correct belief is a certain belief in the correctness of the issues of belief that came in the Book of God and the Sunnah of His Noble Prophet. With the will of God and His Messenger in understanding issues and texts, the corrupt belief contradicts the will of God and His Messenger, and the belief has valid, reliable sources such as what Sunni scholars wrote in books approved on the correct belief, while the corrupt belief is based on incorrect sources.[2]

Responsibility for spreading the correct belief

The responsibility of spreading the correct creed based on the Book of God and the Sunnah of His Noble Prophet is the duty of every Muslim and scholar, because hearts and minds are free from true creed means their ability to receive destructive ideas and corrupt beliefs, while you see the mind aware of the true creed of Islam, the believer in it with the right of certainty rejects every thought Sick or perverted creed.[3]

the reviewer

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Methods of treating corruption of belief

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