How to serve sweets

Sweets are a very important part of hospitality, especially during the festive period, and the lady of the house is usually keen to present them in an elegant and beautiful manner, which prompts all guests to try them. Here are some ideas that can be applied to serve sweets:

  • Using the hostess multi-layered to arrange the cake on it, and the trays can be used to arrange the sweets for coffee and biscuits on it.
  • Arrange all kinds of sweets in an elaborate geometric manner on one large tray to present a beautiful geometric shape, or separate them from each other and arrange each type in a small serving dish.
  • Separate coated sweets from unwrapped sweets when arranging them on a serving tray.
  • Use the funnel to shape sweets in beautiful and distinctive shapes.
  • Prepare sweets or cut them into small pieces so that they are easy to hold in hand and eat.

Displaying sweets on the table

It is taken into account to allocate a corner on the dining table to display sweets on it, provided that it is far from the food and does not conflict with it. Food, and allowing guests to bring sweets themselves from the dining table, to avoid repeating items.

Displaying drinks on the dining table

It is preferable that the drinks corner combine hot and cold drinks, and that the hot ones are not limited to tea and coffee, and the adoption of automatic drinks of caffeine to satisfy all tastes, and taking into account the control of the amount of sugar in each of them.

table setting rules

Many housewives are confused about how to arrange the dining table, especially when there are guests in the house, and the following is a presentation of some rules that can be followed to arrange the dining table:

  • Put the spoon to the right with its direction outward, followed by the knife provided that its sharp end is directed to the left, followed by the dishes, then the fork.
  • Use the flat plate for the main meal and dry meals.
  • Place the deep plate on top of the flat plate and use it to serve liquid meals, which contain sauce.
  • Place the soup plate on top of the deep plate.

How to serve sweets

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