Child rearing

It is a set of methods that are relied upon in order to guide children’s behavior in a sound and correct manner, and it is also known that it is instilling a set of values ​​and morals in the child’s personality, making him able to distinguish between right and wrong things, and trying to teach him all the basic skills that contribute In developing his personality at every age.

dealing with Children

It is the method, or a group of methods that enhance the role of effective communication between parents, and children, and whenever this communication succeeds in achieving the link between them, it contributes to the promotion of raising children, and dealing with children is also known as understanding the nature of the child’s behavior, by asking him about the thing he wants, In order to work to meet his needs, and solve the problems or difficulties he faces, whether at home, kindergarten, or school.

Methods of raising and dealing with children

There are a number of methods that contribute to raising children, and help in applying the best ways to deal with them, and the most important of these methods are:

moral upbringing

It is one of the most important educational methods, which aims to help the child develop his ability to distinguish between right and wrong things. Psychologists Jean Piaget and Lawrence Kohlberg are the first to study this method. Moral formation was divided into a set of levels, namely:

  • Pre-conventional virtue: It is the set of morals that children acquire from the age of one to ten years, in which it depends on the vision of other people, especially parents, towards the right things, which are considered absolute virtues for them.
  • Traditional Virtue: It is the set of morals that children acquire after the age of ten, in which a gray space appears in thinking between right and wrong, and the child becomes able to perceive correct things on his own.
  • Post-traditional virtue: It is the set of morals that are taken based on individual decisions, and are dependent on previous levels of moral formation, and are not linked to a specific age stage.

Promote good behavior

It is one of the most important educational means in raising children, and dealing with them, and depends on the application of a set of strategies, namely:

  • Ensure that rewards are provided to them for good behaviour.
  • Giving children more options to do something, such as asking the child to tidy up his room now, or an hour later, so that he feels that he has personal and moral value.
  • Help the child use the appropriate words when he wants to express himself.

bad behavior correction

It is considered one of the means that correspond to the means of promoting good behavior, which contributes to getting rid of bad behavior, and it depends on a set of strategies, which are:

  • Ask the child to stop the bad behavior, and then try to correct it by using simple and understandable words.
  • Stay away from emotion, you must be careful to exceed anger as much as possible, so as not to lead to a common scream with the child.
  • Using distraction, that is, changing the child’s bad behavior by drawing his attention to something new.

Methods of raising and dealing with children

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