Ways to protect folklore

A person can take a number of personal measures that would work to preserve the world or folk heritage that is at risk at the present time, including the following:[1]

  • Participation in some activities that promote world or folk heritage.
  • Joining some training programs organized by some organizations such as UNESCO, as this international organization organizes trips to some historical and archaeological sites in many different countries such as Tanzania, Siberia and other countries.
  • Traveling to different countries with the aim of practicing sustainable tourism, taking into account the different cultures and traditions of these countries, and maintaining their cleanliness and the cleanliness of their heritage features.

Some organizations for the protection of Arab heritage

There are many organizations and institutions concerned with preserving and protecting the Arab heritage, and these organizations and institutions include the following:[2]

Arab Towns Organization

It is one of the Arab institutions concerned with preserving the Islamic architectural heritage. This organization was founded on the fifteenth of March of the year 1967 and in the arms of the League of Arab States.

Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

The goal that this organization seeks is to introduce the Islamic civilizational and cultural heritage. This organization was established based on the decision issued by the Third Islamic Summit Conference, which was held in Makkah Al-Mukarramah. It is worth mentioning that the headquarters of this organization is Rabat.

Definition of legacy

Heritage can be defined as what accompanies any nation in terms of material and spirituality, as it is all that the early people left from different sciences, language, philosophy, manuscripts, literature, art, architecture and other various fields that have existed and accumulated throughout history, and this heritage is a basic pillar of the cultural identity of a nation The heritage is divided into two parts: a moral part, such as literature and beliefs, and a material part, such as buildings, monuments, and various facts.[3]

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Ways to protect folklore

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