Study methods

To study and study effectively in several ways, including the following:[1]

  • Develop a plan before starting the study, through the following:
  • Choosing a suitable environment for studying, through the following:
  • Bring the necessary tools to study through the following:
  • Keep a notebook for planning, writing study materials, and the time that will be allocated for each subject.
  • Allocate a fixed time to study, for several hours a day, or a week, as appropriate.
  • Choosing the appropriate time to study in which you are at the highest levels of concentration and activity, in order to avoid the boredom of studying.
  • Not being busy during study time, keeping the phone switched off, and focusing on studying only.
  • Avoid studying just before the exam, as the accumulation of material makes it difficult to memorize or focus on them.
  • Getting enough sleep, especially during exams.
  • Choose a place free of distractions and distractions, and not study in front of the television or places that are noisy.
  • Choose a place where the lighting is appropriate, and comfortable for the eyes.
  • Choose a place where the temperature is right for you.
  • School books, pens, and blank papers.
  • False pens for taking notes and focusing on the important things.
  • Bring your computer, if necessary.

Memorization methods

There are many ways to memorize and not forget, including the following:[2]

  • Focus and attention: Focus is one of the main keys to memorizing, and in order to transfer information from your short-term memory to your long-term memory, you need to focus while studying, and not pay attention to distractions.
  • No accumulation of material: Studying regularly gives you enough time to memorize, but accumulating material until the day before the exam is pointless.
  • Organizing: Information organized in memory makes it easy to remember during the exam.
  • Repetition: Repetition of the information you want to memorize effectively helps to memorize and remember what you memorized during the exam.
  • Linking information: The method of linking information to things that you know well is a very effective method that helps to memorize easily.
  • Reading aloud: Research indicates that material that you read aloud significantly improves your memory of that material.

Study tips

Here are some tips to help you study:[3]

  • Study constantly and do not postpone studying for the exam time to avoid difficulty in memorizing and concentrating.
  • Establishing a schedule for studying the subjects in an organized manner, allocating certain times for studying, and a certain number of hours for each subject.
  • Getting enough hours of sleep and rest, to avoid lack of focus and distraction while studying, or during exams.

the reviewer

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Memorizing and studying methods

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