Eid al-Fitr

Eid al-Fitr comes after fasting the holy month of Ramadan, and on the morning of Eid, Muslims go to the homes of God to perform the Eid prayer, then they go to slaughter the sacrifices and distribute them to relatives and the needy, and exchange congratulations and visits in it, and in this article we will give you messages about Eid al-Fitr.

Messages about Eid al-Fitr

  • If you precede me by congratulating me, it is for your generosity and grace.
  • O flower of the flower, near the feast, I congratulate you before all, and I say to you every year, and you are the master of all.
  • I would like to bless you and on Eid I congratulate you, may God fulfill all your wishes. It is true early on, but the heart and your heart are afraid of being preceded by others and congratulate you.
  • Eid is a joy and you are the most beautiful thing about it every year and you are a thousand good.
  • Every year and you are good and your sins are forgiven, God willing.
  • Every Eid and goodness is your path and your path, and the smile never leaves your lips, and the paradise of my Lord is your abode.
  • A special morning for the dear ones, fragrant with pepper and jasmine, we send it only to the sweet ones and we say them from the pilgrims.
  • The feast is on Sunday, I congratulate you before anyone else, and I ask the one on Sunday to protect you from the evil of the envier if he is envious.
  • Congratulations, full of roses and fluff, send it before Eid, so that I can be before everyone, and happy new year.
  • The best things about Eid are three: the abundance of good deeds, the exchange of visits, and the reader of these phrases.
  • O Lord, a smile illuminates your face, joy fills your life, and happiness delights your heart. O Lord, your whole life is a feast.
  • I put you in my heart, and I congratulate you on your testicles, and on the people I boiled you on Eid Al-Fitr. I congratulate you.
  • Eid is not from wearing new clothes, but Eid is from security of threat, Eid is not for those who wear luxurious clothes, but Eid is for those who are safe from the punishment of the Hereafter, not for those who wear slaves, but Eid for those who know the way, and every year you are happy.
  • Ali Al-Hodeidah, I do not have a new message, but Happy New Year is for sure.
  • I send my greetings to the bird, and I precede everyone and others, and I say to you every year and you are fine.
  • The sweetest congratulations to the sweetest feeling, my dearest, has no measure, every year and you are the happiest of people.
  • I have people in this world whose remembrance raises the head and in my heart I hold them dearest, and on Eid al-Fitr I congratulate them.
  • A bouquet of roses on the advent of Eid, scented with oud, for you, O owner of generosity.
  • With all kinds of incense, and with all the fragrance of flowers, and with all the sounds of birds, Happy New Year.
  • With every shower, with every spray of perfume, and with every blink of a look, I congratulate you on Eid, Moon, before all humans.
  • I pick the sweetest flowers for you, I race all the birds for you, I prepare mountains and seas for you, and I say Eid Mubarak to you.
  • I offer you a bouquet of roses and an invitation from the heart Happy Eid and a whisper of love.

Words about Eid al-Fitr

  • You are far, your heart is far, and your mind is far, but I love you for sure, and I wish you a happy Eid.
  • May God accept your deeds and bless you Eid and bring you health, happiness and a long life.
  • The month is not over, but I have no patience. I will be the first person to congratulate you on Eid, Moon.
  • You come, Eid, and renew the memory of yesterday and the oblivion, and with your coming, a prophet, we renew our congratulations to the dearest human being.
  • Our wishes precede our congratulations, our joy precedes our nights, and Eid Mubarak to you and us.
  • We have people in this world whose remembrance of them raises the head from our hearts, we boil them, and we congratulate them on Eid al-Fitr.
  • For the sweetest moon, perfume and flower with a card that says Eid Mubarak before all humans.
  • With the number of roses in the universe and birds of every color, I send my congratulations on Eid to the most precious eyes.
  • I love you, this is a well-known thing, and I write to you the sweetest letters and send them on the occasion of Eid Mubarak, my love.
  • My heart calls you, and its love buys you, and its pulse tells you, and its tenderness warms you, and when Eid is near, it congratulates you.
  • Oh messages, teach them how my heart melted in them, even if the Eid was late and they forgot us, oh messages of their remembrance.
  • A year passes and a year begins, and you are a ray that illuminates the hearts of lovers, and every year you are fine.
  • You have a rose with irrigated rose water that says Happy New Year.
  • Oh God, bless the feast for him and wear him the new dress and the long life, and the threat is sufficient for him.
  • Eid Mubarak, your news breaker. My mobile phone does not visit you carrying a Eid Mubarak card.
  • People who have the utmost conscience in their place, people who have all the preciousness and my respect are dear to me, and the price is what we get and happy Eid. Tell him.
  • O message, Sairi, ride the clouds and precede him, and connect the mobile of the one who is absent from me, and open it to him, my line of Eid messages and his longing, and bless him before all people and his joy.
  • I ask who has prepared the feast and folded the deceased month to give you a long life and make your life a happy feast.
  • I present to you the fragrance of roses and their colors, and send an answer with the title of congratulating you on the introduction and days of Eid.
  • With the breeze of mercy and the fragrance of forgiveness, and before the crowds, I say Happy New Year.
  • O lovebirds, visit them, and kiss them on the head, and my heart is their guardian, and near the feast, congratulate them.

Phrases about Eid al-Fitr

  • Ramadan is gone, and Eid is inside, so whoever we console and those we congratulate, may Allah accept from us and you, and Eid Mubarak.
  • May God accept your obedience, complete the feast of your joy, and grant your eyes the victory of your nation.
  • I ask from the people of the crescent and the mountains that make you every Eid and you are in the best condition.
  • Oh God, make our Eid your love and your satisfaction and accept our obedience and your remembrance and happy new year.
  • On the occasion of the approaching Eid Al-Fitr, may God bring it back to us and you with goodness, blessings and wellness.
  • The best congratulations and the most beautiful blessings scented with musk oud and amber on the occasion of the approaching Eid Al-Fitr.
  • Eid Mubarak and every year and you are fine and may you return to it.
  • Eid is near, may your Eid be blessed and all your moments be blessed and the paradise of the mole is your home and your home.
  • I ask the Almighty God to bring it back to us and you and the Arab and Islamic nation with Yemen and blessings. All things are worthy.

Messages about Eid al-Fitr

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