Meaning of the name Guan

Each name has its own origin, sign, and meaning. We may find the funny and frightening of them, and we may find forbidden and analyzed ones in the heavenly religions, and there are those who see that names have power and that is due to a historically influential personality bearing the same name, so you find yourself when you hear the name of a contemporary person depicting in your imagination a part of the owner The historical character, so you see in them common characteristics, perhaps they are really similar, and perhaps they are completely different, it is a psychological game, nothing more. All in the matter is that the first character left a stamp on you, whether it was negative or positive.

Jwan is a Persian masculine name, meaning young man, boy, or young artist. As for Jwana, it is a river in Paradise, knowing that the Persians are masculine and feminine “Joan”: they do not have a feminine letter in their language, and it is said that the name Jawan refers to the month The sixth is in the French language and is synonymous with the name John or Yahya in the Arabic language.

The rule of the name Juan

After looking at the meanings of the name Jawan, we have to look at things in another way for the foreign names and their impact on the religion, and whether they are forbidden or disliked. We find that there are names that are legally forbidden in the Islamic religion. Its meaning in the origin of its placement in the Persian tongue is “the young man,” which is a derivation from the name “Joan,” but the Arabs introduced it to make it suitable for a female, so they called “Joana,” so the meaning became in the case of a young, young woman. , or the male with the female, this is one of the innovations of names.

In this regard, Sheikh Salman al-Awda said about errors and heresies regarding the subject of naming: “Sometimes they call the male by the female name, for example, some fathers in some environments – especially those dominated by ignorance – whenever a male child is born to him dies, so sometimes a male child is born to him, so he names him with a female name. Rather, he calls him by the name: intention, so his name is: with intention like this, and this father does that in order that he does not die, because he used to know that whenever a male came to him, he died, and the females lived and did not die, so he named the boy with a female name until he lived, and this is an explicit fallacy, because all matters are predestination in the hands of The Mighty, the Exalted, the Majestic, and the Name does not precede or delay anything in the matter, and the decree will be and the written will take place whether you name it or not.

Meaning of the name Guan

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