Maysa Maghribi defends Saad Lamjarred after canceling a concert in Iraqwhere a large number of Iraqis launched a campaign on social media against the Moroccan artist, because of the rape case, which he has not disavowed so far.

Maysa Maghribi defends Saad Lamjarred after canceling a concert in Iraq

Moroccan actress Maysa Maghribi defended her colleague and compatriot, artist Saad Lamjarred, after canceling his concert, which was scheduled to be held in the Republic of Iraq, after hundreds of people stormed the Sindbad Land Theater in the capital, Baghdad, where he was scheduled to perform a concert on his stage, and criticized the Moroccan artist for canceling his concert. .

The cancellation of Saad Lamjarred’s concert came after a large number of fans gathered in front of the theater and were able to storm it, which prompted the Iraqi authorities to cancel the concert in order to preserve the safety of the audience, staff, organizer and artist Saad Lamjarred.

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Mayssa Maghribi criticizes the cancellation of Saad Lamjarred’s concert

Mayssa Maghribi criticizes the cancellation of Saad Lamjarred's concert
Mayssa Maghribi criticizes the cancellation of Saad Lamjarred’s concert

The Moroccan artist criticized the decision to cancel the concert of her colleague Saad Lamjarred, considering it a confiscation of art, especially since there are some artists appearing in Iraq and directing speeches inappropriate to race and its people, yet they did not prevent their appearance in it.

Maysa Maghribi also confirmed that the singing and art that Saad Lamjarred presents are respectable and sophisticated, and there is no convincing reason to prevent him from holding his concert in Iraq, and commented: “I think it is art theft. shake and sing”.

She added: “Saad offers decent art to everyone and presents it in a distinctive and unique way. He presents a very beautiful and sophisticated art.” She pointed out that what happened in Iraq, storming the theater and canceling the concert is never acceptable, considering that the target is not Saad just for himself.

And she continued, “What has become completely rejected, and art is confiscated, and art and creativity are seized and rejected in various forms, and I do not think that Saad is targeted as much as art itself is targeted in more than one country, and the reason is unknown until now.”

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Mayssa Maghribi defends Saad Lamjarred

In response to the question posed to her by the media, Ali Ajami, about the campaign that preceded Saad Lamjarred’s concert in Iraq from a number of activists on social media to cancel the concert due to the issues in which the Moroccan artist was accused of harassment and rape, a campaign that was launched as soon as his concert was announced due to being He has not yet been acquitted of the charge of rape.

The reactions came via a hashtag launched by a number of Iraqi activists and followers on social media, especially on Facebook and Twitter, under the hashtag #Saad_Lamjarred_Party is rejected, which quickly found a great interaction from the followers.

Activists on the hashtag justified their refusal to hold the concert in Baghdad by the artist Saad Lamjarred, accusing him of several cases of violence and rape, and actually preventing him from holding some concerts in Egypt and Morocco. .

Information about Maysa Al Maghribi

Mayssa Maghribi is a Moroccan actress and model, born on August 19, 1983 AD in the Moroccan city of Meknes. She grew up in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and resides in Dubai. Her first artistic appearance was with Emirati artist Fayez Al-Saeed, and she participated in acting to show her stardom by choosing in a series Al-Deera Net in 2000 AD, and from there she began her artistic career with absolute starring roles alongside top stars.

She is the sister of the artist Nina Maghribi, and she is related to the late Egyptian actor Samir Ghanem. The Moroccan artist has millions of followers on the Snapchat platform and Twitter Instagram, and Mayssa Maghribi is one of those interested in fashion and fashion, where you can follow the news of the Moroccan artist through her following personal accounts:

  • Snapchat Mayssa Maghribi: only_mayssa
  • Maysama Maghribi’s Instagram account: mayssamaghrebi
  • Maysama Maghribi’s official Twitter: mayssamaghrebi

And after it came to our news Mayssa Maghribi defends Saad Lamjarred after canceling a concert in Iraq to endWe have learned the details of the news, and we have told you the real reason behind the artist’s defense of Maysa Al Maghribi against her colleague Saad Lamjarred.