Marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman, and it is an important event in their lives, as they begin to form a family and the consequent emotional, social and health relationship, and then have children, and to complete this life in a healthy way, this requires a set of medical analyzes that protect both parties From contracting diseases due to infection from his partner.

It also ensures the health of children from genetically transmitted diseases, in order for the family to live a healthy life away from the disease and the accompanying social, economic and psychological problems, and to reduce the financial burden on governments to treat diseases and provide medical supplies for them.

Most important marriage analysis

Marriage analysis, or as it is called, the examination before marriage, is defined as a medical examination to detect some genetic or infectious diseases, and the types of this examination vary in different countries. :

  • Thalassemia examination: Thalassemia is one of the leafy diseases prevalent in the Mediterranean region, and its spread has increased dramatically in the past period until its causes were revealed, and a law was established that prevents the marriage of a woman and a man who are carriers of this disease, and thalassemia causes a continuous breakdown of red blood cells in the infected person who is not pregnant. This makes it a constant need for blood, and a large fracture wears out the spleen and liver.
  • Hepatitis B examination: This disease occurs as a result of infection with the hepatitis B virus, which is an infectious disease, and it can cause cirrhosis of the liver if not treated, and it is transmitted through blood fluids such as blood, semen, vaginal secretions, and breast milk. Examination for those who are about to marry avoids infection from the partner.
  • AIDS examination: AIDS or acquired immunodeficiency is one of the serious diseases that affect humans, and it can remain latent in the body without any signs or symptoms, and this disease spreads widely in Western countries due to the spread of illegal relations.

There are other examinations that can be carried out according to the laws in force in each country, as well as the desire of those who are about to marry. There are examinations related to reproductive health, and physical health in general, which do not include all possible genetic diseases, but rather the most common diseases, and it is recommended to conduct the legally required examinations It is desirable immediately upon agreement on marriage, i.e. at the beginning of the engagement and before preparing for the wedding ceremony; So that the newlyweds are not disappointed.

Marriage Analysis

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