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Saturday October 17, 2020

Mark Brown, Microsoft’s director of acquisitions, leaves the company

Microsoft Acquisitions and Mergers Director Mark Brown leftMarc Brown“The company after a bus service and career that started in 2000 and spanned nearly 20 years.

Confirmation of leaving Brown, the American programming giant, came through a spokesman for the company, “Frank Shaw”, on Friday, who refused to comment or talk about a possible alternative to the vacancy.

While the departure of the Director of Acquisition Operations came at a time when Microsoft is still searching for a new CEO to replace the former Director of Development Department “Peggy Johnson”; He left his post last July to become CEO of Magic Leap.

Brown has had a clear footprint in Microsoft’s acquisitions, recently working on the deal to buy video game company ZeniMax Media, which owns game publisher Bethesda Softworks, in a deal worth $ 7.5 billion.

He also presided over the company’s plan to acquire the Chinese entertainment video and communication application, TikTok, in its American version, as the completion of a successful deal was very soon after the two parties advanced in the talks; However, you, ByteDance, have chosen to conclude the deal with Oracle, with different terms and conditions.

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