God’s power in creation

God Almighty created everything that exists in our lives. He is the one who created the universe and all that is in it of things and living organisms, such as human, animal or inanimate living creatures, and he is the one who manages the affairs of his creatures and what they need; Because his power is the authority and absolute rule that no other rule in the universe can be superior to.

Many scholars in our time are searching for the manifestations of God’s power and justice and the extent of the relationship between them, meaning that they are trying on the ground to find evidence and evidence of God’s power in creation. .

Manifestations of God’s power in creation

God’s ability to create is absolute

The existence of God Almighty precedes the existence of anything in our world, and it is obvious that there is no one or nothing before the existence of God Almighty, who created and made the universe and all of its living or inanimate creatures, and there is no power above God’s power, great power, authority, judgment, measure and management for all cosmic creatures; Because his existence has no beginning or end, which makes us feel his absolute and eternal power.

He created the heavens and the earth and what is between them

God Almighty alone is able to possess the heavens and the earth or to dispose of the universe; Because he created the heavens and the earth, the sun and the moon to achieve many benefits for human and animal creatures, just as he created the sun and the moon in specific orbits that go according to a precise system until the Day of Resurrection, and it is He who raised the heavens without pillars and stretched the earth and placed in them rivers, seas, mountains, oceans and all kinds of fruits. He is the creator of night and day, the planets, the stars, and the heavenly bodies.

The creation of man and the rest of the living

God Almighty created man, animals and birds from water, while He created angels from light, jinn and demons from fire, and there is no doubt that the first human being created by God Almighty was Adam who transmitted a spirit in him and made him from human beings, and all the creatures in the universe are of his making. God Almighty, even if man intervenes in its creation and work, for the dining table that the carpenter makes is originated from the trees that God created, and the same applies to animal creatures such as the chicken whose origin is the egg, because God Almighty is the one who created the first animal of all animal species.

Creating water and air

God Almighty created the air so that all living things could breathe, and so that all the moving machines invented by man in our time could work. Because its movement and work depends on the movement of the air that God created, so the engine of the plane stops if there is no movement of the wind or the air that is subject to the will of God Almighty in its conduct, just as God Almighty created water and organized its cycle, starting from the evaporation of the waters of the seas and rivers until the condensation of steam and the clouds in the sky with a goal Benefiting man and spreading life on earth.

God’s ability to monitor people’s actions

One of the manifestations of God’s power and authority is that he can observe all the actions and sayings of human creatures, for He is the Knower of the thoughts and beliefs that revolve in the minds of all people at the same time, as the Almighty said: (Is not God knowing what is in the hearts of the worlds) [العنكبوت: 10]He is also the knowledgeable in the languages ​​of all creatures and their means of communication, regardless of their number and type.

Manifestations of God’s power in creation

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