Quince is from the pear and apple tree family, and it originally came from Southeast Asia, and then began to be cultivated in the Mediterranean region, Syria, Iraq and southern Saudi Arabia.

The method of making jam from quince is easy and simple, and sandwiches can be made from it or added to cakes and favorite foods.

The nutritional value of quince

Quince contains many important nutrients for the human body, as it contains vitamin A and vitamin B, 64% of which are water, 7% sugar, 0.9 protein, 0.3% fatty substances, 5% sulfur, and 0.9% phosphorous. And 14% calcium, 2% chlorine, 3% soda, 0.13% potassium and 20% fiber, and there are many other substances such as pectin, sulfur and acids.

Quince benefits

  • Lose weight because it contains a large amount of dietary fiber.
  • Resisting free radicals that cause cancer, as it contains good amounts of antioxidants.
  • Treating some diseases such as stomach ulcers, chronic diarrhea, intestinal bleeding and getting rid of phlegm when its juice is drunk on an empty stomach.
  • Pain relief and relief.
  • Opening the appetite and increasing the appetite for food.
  • Resist viruses and protect the body from diseases.
  • Revitalize the body and increase its strength and vitality.
  • Increase the health of children by adding a little of its powder to rice during cooking.
  • Lowering the body temperature when the juice is drunk on an empty stomach.

Making quince jam

the components

  • Four grains of quince.
  • liters of water.
  • Four cups of sugar.

How to prepare

  • Clean the quince kernels well to get rid of the dust and dirt that is attached to it, then cut each quince into four pieces, and get rid of the inner fruit.
  • Put the water on the fire in a deep saucepan, then put the quince pieces and leave them until the water boils and the quince boils, then add the sugar to it and stir well until it dissolves, then reduce the fire and leave the mixture on a quiet fire to simmer quietly, but watch the water level so that it does not dry out and burn the quince.
  • Remove the pot from the heat when the color of the quince and the water changes to a yellowish color and the water takes on the shape of a drop as it becomes thick.
  • Grind the quince jam in the electric mixer after it cools down to become spreadable.
  • Put the quince jam in airtight jars and store in a cool place.

Making quince jam

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