The brochure or the small brochure “published” is one of the most important means used in disseminating information. The brochure is used to explain the information in a short and concise manner. So that the reader can form a general idea of ​​the topic at hand before starting to read the topic in detail.

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The publication is used in a wide variety of fields, including the following:

  • Corporate Services: Companies market their newly innovative products, whether material or intellectual innovations through leaflets; To explain the general idea of ​​the product in short and contain the important points.
  • Universities: Universities periodically provide brochures to newly registered students that contain information about the university’s instructions, laws, facilities, and services it provides.
  • Schools: The importance of brochures in schools plays an important role. Educators and students may use them to illustrate a new idea or service, or to summarize and simplify scientific research ideas, and use each of the other facilities; Like ministries, hospitals, clubs, and other brochures on an ongoing basis to clarify new products and services, a sports club may publish brochures explaining the club’s services and the sports equipment it uses, and quotations, and distribute them to passersby to facilitate the dissemination of information about it.

How to make brochures

There are two ways to make brochures, manually or electronically using modern devices.

  • On paper: he may use paper, cardboard, and other materials suitable for making publications, by dividing them into several rectangular sections, and writing the desired information on each section in succession; To ensure the order of the idea, it is preferable to leave the first section of the title of the content, and then fold the sections sequentially. Colors and graphics can be used to illustrate ideas and attract readers.
  • Electronically: Computers and modern electronic devices are used to make brochures through special programs, the most famous of which is “Microsoft office power point”, and it contains the folded service on its home page, and by clicking on it, you can start creating the brochure, and the user can choose a number of folded papers and their shape, Its internal and external design, and it is possible to insert pictures, graphics, choose a specific color and type of font, and fit the content of the brochure, and after determining the appropriate design, the information can be written in a short and successive manner, and it is preferable to leave the first page of the content title and brief information; To facilitate the delivery of the idea to the reader, many people choose the topic based on its title and the design of its home page, and after writing the information, it can be preserved as an electronic copy and published through Internet sites, or printed on papers and distributed in appropriate ways. Electronic devices facilitated the process of creating the foldable due to its speed in production, the accuracy of its data, and the ability to create a foldable in the required form with high accuracy and efficiency.

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