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Saturday January 16, 2021

Major General Bagheri: We will respond in the shortest time to any opponent who thinks about attacking Iran

World – Iran

On the sidelines of the exercises of “The Great Messenger (PBUH) 15”, Major General Bagheri said: The exercises that were carried out during the past two weeks will continue intensively and simultaneously until next Wednesday.

He added: The conduct of these maneuvers shows the Iranian missile force, whose range ranges from short, medium and long, ready to defend the Islamic homeland and Iran’s national interests and goals with full force.

And Major General Bagheri considered the goal of selecting targets at a distance of more than 1,800 kilometers south of the Sea of ​​Oman and the beginning of the Indian Ocean and the use of a large number of long-range missiles. He considered it to warn the enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran that if they had malicious intentions towards our national interests, our maritime trade routes and our land, we would destroy them with our missiles.

The Chief of the General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, Major General Muhammad Baqeri, confirmed that Iran has no intention to launch any attack, but it will respond forcefully and in the shortest possible time, against any opponent who thinks about attacking it.

Today, Saturday, the Revolutionary Guard Corps successfully conducted the final phase of the “The Great Messenger 15” maneuvers, by carrying out strategic operations, launching anti-ship ballistic missiles and destroying targets from a distance of 1,800 kilometers, in the presence of the Chief of General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, Major General Muhammad Baqeri, and the Commander-in-Chief of the Revolutionary Guard, Major General Hossein Salami The commander of the Revolutionary Guard’s aerospace force, Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, and a number of senior military commanders.

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After monitoring the virtual location of enemy ships by the Revolutionary Guard’s Aerospace Force intelligence systems, long-range ballistic missiles of various classes and from a distance of 1,800 km succeeded in hitting and destroying specific targets in the northern Indian Ocean.

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