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Sunday January 24, 2021

Major General Bagheri congratulates the Leader of the Revolution for the success of the army and Revolutionary Guard maneuvers

World – Iran

In the telegram he addressed today, Saturday, Major General Bagheri congratulated the Leader on the inspiring success and pride of the “power 99” maneuvers of the Islamic Republic of Iran army and the maneuvers of the “Great Prophet (PBUH)” of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in the waters of the Persian Gulf, the Sea of ​​Oman, the coasts of Makran, the northern Indian Ocean and the Central Sahara in the country.

A part of the telegram said: There is no doubt that what has been achieved these days during the land, sea, missile, and drones maneuvers of the dear army and the brave Revolutionary Guard, is a crystallization and embodiment of the deep perception by the “state soldiers” of your eminence’s recent statements on the anniversary of the uprising of the people of Qom, the heroes (on December 9 The second / January 1978 against the defunct monarchy), based on recalling the bitter experience of helplessness in the face of missile and air attacks by Saddam’s Ba’athist army during the imposed war, while the country’s capabilities today have reached such a level that they clouded the enemy’s camp and rooms his ideas and calculations by shooting down the American strategic drone and directing devastating strikes The US army terrorist base “Ain Al-Assad” in Iraq.

He considered the elevation of the defense industry and the comprehensive capabilities and equipment of the country’s armed forces to the level of “strategic deterrence” and the opening of paths to enhance capabilities to confront the victorious threats and intentions of the enemies abhorrent, subject to the wise and sound directions of the capable, conscious, revolutionary, jihadist and far-sighted leader of the revolution.

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He stressed that the armed forces will make the directives of His Eminence the Leader focus their eyes on continuing vigilance and intelligence supervision on the work environment and the measures of the enemies in the geography of threat and work to strengthen the defense and deterrent capabilities of the armed forces in a more determined and capable manner than the past, declaring the overall readiness of leaders and all forces defending the revolution and the country Especially in the army and the Revolutionary Guards to decisively respond and direct a “counter-strike” and “destructive” to hotbeds of threat and exposure to the independence, security, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Islamic homeland in the trench of defending Islam, the revolution, the high goals of the martyrs, and the believing and revolutionary Iranian people.

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