the love

Love is the feeling of attraction and admiration towards someone, or something, and some see it as a mutual chemistry between two people linked by an unjustified attraction, and we find nothing about it but recognition, as it is known that the body secretes the hormone oxytocin responsible for love.

degrees of love

  • Love: It is the opposite of hate, and it is the heart’s boiling and raging when meeting the beloved.
  • Saba: It is longing.
  • Hawa: It is a person’s love for a thing and its victory over his heart.
  • Relationship: It is the love and passion that is always attached to the heart.
  • Al-Jawi: Love has turned into a long-term disease.
  • Khalil: He is the lover who is the lover whose love is not defective.
  • Al-Kelfa: It is the obsession with something while the heart is occupied and hard.
  • Al-Eshq: which is exceeding the amount in love, “excessive love”.
  • Passion: It is the intense love that manages to darken the heart.
  • Al-Sha`f: a disease of the heart that, if connected to the spleen, kills its owner.
  • Al-Mutaym: It is the departure of the mind from desire.
  • Al-Batel: It is if love overcomes it and is dominated by it.
  • Al-Wala: It is the departure of the heart from them or the like.
  • Al-Hayam: It is love reaching the point of insanity.

Arab and international love stories

Masterpieces of Arab and international literature, full of stories of love, adoration and infatuation, beginning with Romeo and Juliet, Qais and Laila, Antara and Abla, romantic stories that bring together two lovers that carved their place in our hearts and ended with happy endings, and the two most beautiful stories we report are.

Qais and Leila

The story of Qais and Laila is known as the most tragic love story that the Arabs transmit to everyone who comes to love, as its events took place in the Arabian Peninsula, where Qais loved Laila very much, and when the news of the love that binds them spread, they were prevented from meeting, so Qais appeared on his face in the desert, He refrained from eating and drinking, so he was called “Majnoun Layla”, and their daughter’s highest daughter was forced to marry another man, until Qais and Laila were buried after their death in two adjacent graves.

Romeo and Juliet

It is considered the most famous international love story ever, as they have become a kind of love, as their story is a tragedy written by the most famous English poet Shakespeare, and it is a story of two young people from two families whose hostility between them became intense, but love pushed them to association and marriage, until they died to pay the price of love, and their families did not unite. Only after their death.

one sided love

There is a different kind of love and it is one-sided love, a lover longs, dreams, imagines, suffers, has warm feelings, clings to love without hope, like a bird with one wing looking at the sky with pleasure but it can’t fly in it, you can write a love story without the presence of A hero and a heroine. One-sided love is not true love. It does not indicate romance, but rather is related to the psychological structure of the lover. In adolescence, the picture is not clear. We find the teenager feels a mixture of admiration, innate love and love at first sight, which he creates in his imagination to find an outlet for his feelings, He imagines that his dreams will come true one day. He is attracted to stories, films and romantic novels. He is associated with the hero who represents the qualities he wishes in the lover. Sometimes he reaches the point of obsession with a famous personality and chases her everywhere. If this love continues after adolescence, it may lead to distorting the concept of love within us.

Love has laws and secrets that push the lover to achieve the impossible, but it may be destructive if it is one-sided, and there is no glimmer of hope for the other party to notice or reciprocate the same feeling, not revealing love for fear of rejection leads to pain and suffering, it is better to reveal our feelings and express them Even if it was rejected, the pain of a moment is better than the pain of years, for love is a two-way street, if it is in one direction, it will only reach stations of failure, pain and torment, and from a psychological point of view, the person who loves from one side, suffers from emotional immaturity, immaturity of thinking Besides the presence of psychological problems during childhood, his admiration for a person related to instinct and lust, he draws a picture in his mind, persists in dreams full of fantasies and illusions that have nothing to do with reality. His psychological pain the greater his sense of happiness.

Feelings of sadness and grief sometimes bring out the most beautiful in us, so we find poets and writers inventive in formulating the most beautiful words and describing feelings when they go through the suffering of love from one side. We have nothing but to love her with a spiritual love, free of any material things; Because she deserves such love, but it is a sublime love known as love in God.

sayings about love

  • Speak in a whisper when you speak of love (William Shakespeare).
  • Love is an unbearable hell, and life without love is unbearable bliss (Kamel El-Shinawy).
  • Friendship may grow into love, but love does not diminish into friendship (Peron).
  • Love is a living experience that only those who live it experience (Simon D).
  • Love is king, and therefore it is above the law.
  • Love is like war, easy to start, hard to put out.
  • Love is the only game in which two people play and win together or lose together.
  • Love is part of a man’s existence, but it is a woman’s entire existence. (Peron)
  • A man loves for the happiness of life, and a woman lives for the happiness of love (Jean-Jacques Rousseau).
  • Young people wish for love, for money, for health, but the day will come when they wish for health, for money, for love (Geraldi).
  • The tragedy of love is that a man wants to be the first to enter a woman’s heart, and a woman wants to be the last to enter a man’s heart (Peron).
  • Love, oh heart, is not forgotten by the beauty of the beloved: weak love (Mahmoud Abbas Al-Akkad).

the love

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