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Tuesday February 23, 2021

Loss of smell and taste associated with Corona may last up to 5 months

Preliminary results of a study showed that loss of sense of smell and taste could persist for up to five months after infection with Corona.
The final results of study, preliminary results of which were published on Saturday, are scheduled to be presented next April at annual meeting of American Academy of Neurology.

And Johannes Frasnelli, from University of Quebec in TroyesRiviere (Canada) and one of authors of this study, points out that although Corona is a new disease, previous research has already found that many infected people lose ir sense of smell and taste in its early stages.

In a press release issued by American Academy of Neurology, scientist explained that aim of this new research is to observe how long loss of smell and taste lasts, and how dangerous it is.

The research involved 813 health workers who had tested positive for emerging coronavirus.

And 580 people lost ir sense of smell during early stages of disease. Of this group, 297 patients (51%) said that y had not regained ir sense of smell after five months of infection.

While 527 patients lost ir sense of taste during first stage of disease, and 200 of m (38%) confirmed that y had not regained it after five months of infection.

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