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Sunday November 22, 2020

Loser Trump threatens the world with a devastating war!

The world – it is said that

On Saturday evening, US Central Command announced that it had sent a B52 To the Middle East, indicating that she will be on a long mission, this announcement came after statements by Trump’s lawyer and a number of his party’s senators from among the Republicans about that Trump’s options ended in the heart of the election result and that Joe Biden’s victory will be approved and thus Trump will exit the White House after less than two months.

Trump, who refuses until the moment to recognize the result, confirms that he won the elections, threatens to eliminate, and confirms the occurrence of fraud in the elections.

Any American war or hostile action in the region will ignite it and ignite the world with it, and Trump’s suspicious movements of his forces in the region and the false rumors that were launched yesterday about the targeting of Syrian forces and their allies in the Syrian city of Albu Kamal on the borders with Iraq, preceded by Israeli lies about similar targets during last Wednesday’s aggression against Syria All this is in the interest of sabotage that Trump is trying to do in the external files to confuse the administration of the next President Biden, while all these childish Trumpian acts come at the expense of the region and the world.

Yesterday, the ISIS terrorist group announced an ambush against the joint Iraqi forces in Salah al-Din, which resulted in the death of an army officer and a commander in the crowd and wounding six other members. ISIS also announced an ambush targeting the Syrian army in the city of Al-Mayadin in Deir Ezzor, and it is clear that the effects of the movements The American administration has started, and its first fruits will be the attempt to bring ISIS back to the region, or at least to strengthen its bases again.

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Trump is playing with fire and may end his term in a global catastrophe, and the world’s silence about American arrogance will end badly for everyone.

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