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Monday June 29, 2020

Longang National Park, China

Yunyang Longgang National Geological Park is a 550 meters deep pit which is (the third deepest in China and the fifth deepest in the world), shaped by a natural rock quarry, and myths abound about this historical place, and Yunyang Longgang’s attractions lie in its beautiful scenery.

It has the most beautiful karst landscapes, rivers and valleys, and there are two glass paths: the lunar shadow path and the hand rail track that give viewers a more intimate view of the scene. [1]

History of Longfang National Park, China

The first construction of the old summer palace, which took place in the year 1707AD, began during the reign of Emperor Kang Shi and took almost 139 years to build. This park was considered the administrative center and residence for nearly 6 generations of the most important Chinese families and a resort in the history of the country and Chinese Empire.

It is historically proven that most emperors chose this garden to stay with their families during the national or special celebrations of the traditional year and they stayed there until the end of the autumn season. The most characteristic of the Yuan Mingyuan Garden is its large area and luxury with its magnificent and magnificent natural scenery and the diversity of styles and heritage of its gardens.
Until the tenth year, i.e. during the year (1860) of Emperor Shang Feng came, where the British and French forces invaded Beijing and destroyed all the garden and looted its treasures and left them in ruins and in a lamentable condition and turned that garden into the ruins of a witness to the oppression of those forces. [2]

Where is Longang National Park?

Longgang is located in Yunyang Province, 380 km from the city center, and is the largest karst shaft in the world. It looks like a huge geological jar, hundreds of meters long and deep, so Longgang, known as “Dragon Jar” was called in Chinese.

As for its depth, it is the third deepest in China, and the fifth in the world. Exotic, exotic and colorful landscapes are explained in the Museum of Natural Sciences at Grand View Garden.

It has the longest glass cantilever bridge in the world, with a length of 26.64 meters and built at a height of 1010 meters, and visitors can look down to see a vertical landing length of 718 meters on the floor below, and there are no steel trusses directly below the footpaths in the shape of a horseshoe and the protection bracelet are all cut Transparent glass to allow visitors an amazing and unobstructed panoramic view. [3]

Geological life in a park Longgang

Yunyang Longgang Geological Park contains classes of karst earth forms, Longgang looks like a huge geological jar with a main axis of 304326 meters, a semimain axis is 178183 meters, and a depth of 355 meters.

The scenic spot looks like a natural jar that still spreads a love story for axman and dragon, hence the name “the first jar in the world”, and the investment in building the tourism site is about 40 million yuan, which is the architecture of the tourist center designed as a flower On the cliff, a metaphor of a dragon and a phoenix.

There is also a Zhangfei Temple near Longgang Site, Zhangfei is a famous general of the Three Kingdoms era (about 1700 years ago), and there is more site for travelers to visit Yunyang Province.

The largest bridge in a park Yunyang Longgang

Yunyang Longgang Scenic Spot, built on a cliff of 1010 meters above sea level, takes its “sky flower” petals to form, and can enjoy beautiful views around 720 degrees on the bridge.

Cantilever is 26.68 meters long, the Expo Bridge 718 meters from the ground, and 5.34 meters taller than the Glass Gallery Bridge in the Colorado Grand Canyon in the United States, and is the world’s tallest cantilevered Expo Bridge.

Yunyang’s scenic Longgang District is a natural science museum and a large geological landscape garden, with its unique shape, dense karst caves, peaks, exotic rocks, skyscrapers, dangerous features and a varied and colorful handsome.

Longguan has a different scene in four seasons, flowers and plants in spring, waterfalls in summer, red leaves in autumn and snow in winter are all amazing, on February 25, 2017, it was newly promoted as a national tourist attraction. [4]

The importance of Longang National Park

Chongqing Yunyang Longgang National Geopark is located in Qingshui Family Township, Yunyang Province, on both sides of the Yangtze River in the northeast of Chongqing City, the back area of ​​the Three Gorges Reservoir area, Fengjie County in the east, Wanzhou County in the west, Wuxi County in the north, Kaixian County in West, Lichuan City, Hubei Province, to the south. It is located between 108 35109 14, 30 35 631 31.

Climate of Longang National Park

The park is located on the south bank of the Yangtze River, and the park has a moderate climate, abundant rainfall, drought in spring, hot summer, continuous rain in autumn and winter, less sunshine, high humidity, cloudy and foggy, but a long frostfree period.

The average annual temperature is the coldest in January, generally 4 ° C – 7 ° C, the warmest in July and August, and 30 ° C – 32 ° C.

Continue The rainy season from April to May and from September to October every year, and in winter, Qiqishan Mountain in the southeastern corner becomes the wind side of the dry and cold inner air mass, which is controlled by it, and the precipitation is rare; In summer, it is affected by the southwestern warm monsoon mass, and the precipitation is more. [5]

Longang Park layers

  • The notable layers of the park are the Triassic, Jurassic and Quadruple of Sinozekoek.
  • Triassic is the main exposed layer in the garden, and its plate and thickness vary greatly.
  • The lower limestone of Jialingjiang formation is widely distributed in the park.
  • The composition of Padung Middle is shallow marine rocks and clay limestone partly mixed with gypsum and copper bearing sandstone.
  • The upper composition of Xujiahe is a classic rock of lecithin that produces coal.

Analysis of the natural phenomena of a garden

  • Longjang landscape area is dominated by typical karst terrain, and under the influence of karst, gravitational collapse and water erosion, it formed a variety of landscapes, peaks and exotic rocks.
  • As for the dragon cylinder, it is a broken region formed at the intersection of three groups of joints and division at the concurrent turning point in the northeast, then formed by repeated melting – collapse – dissolution – the collapse of groundwater in the cave.
  • Longgang karst Celestial Crater attracts global attention as a typical representative of karst geomorphology, and its main issue is the Karst collapse and dissolution.
  • The celestial crater is located at the intersection of multiple groups of joints and cleavages.
  • Under the influence of natural gravity, rocks in the broken zone collapse, and avalanches melt instantly due to dark rivers.
  • It takes erosion, so Longguan Tiankeng is gradually formed in the repeated collapse of erosion, and Longgang National Geopark has many karst caves of various locations and heights, and by studying the layers of many caves in the area, the history of the development of the erosion can be analyzed and stable periods can be inferred and rivers cut .

Information about the old summer palace

Opening time: The opening of the Summer Palace starts from 7 am until 7 pm in the summer and from 7 am until 5:30 pm in the winter.

Ticket price: As for the ticket price, it is ten yuan, equivalent to (1.2 US dollars) in order to enter the palace. As for entering the ruins, the ticket has a value of 15 yuan (equivalent to $ 1.8), and includes the Dahiva ruins, exhibition hall and maze. ).

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