We face in our lives many events and things, so we need phrases and words to express them when expression betrays us, whether these things are happy or sad, and in this article we will present a set of beautiful phrases.

long beautiful phrases

  • Whoever wants to succeed in this world must overcome the six foundations and keys of poverty: sleep, forbidden money, fear, anger, dependence on others, and procrastination.
  • Every tear has an end and an end, any tear is a smile, and every smile has an end and the end of a smile is a tear, and the melody of life is a beginning and an end, a smile and a tear, so do not rejoice too much and do not grieve too much.
  • The problem is not to make a mistake even if your mistake is serious, and the advantage is not to admit the mistake and accept advice, but the mighty work that really awaits you is to never go back to the mistake.
  • Don’t dwell on the mistakes of your past; Because it will turn your present into hell, and your future into ruins. A pause of consideration will suffice you to give you a new impetus on the path of truth and righteousness.
  • That people hate you while you trust and respect yourself is much easier than that people love you when you hate yourself and don’t trust it.
  • Life is a sunrise and a sunset, do not let despair take over you, look where the sun rises every new dawn to learn the lesson that God wanted people to learn, that sunset does not prevent sunrise again in every new morning.
  • Do not imagine all people as angels, and your dreams will collapse, and do not make your trust in them blind, because one day you will cry for your naivety.
  • Do not look at the smallness of the sin, but look at the greatness of the one you disobeyed.
  • I am not a writer writing about love, and I have not yet become a lawyer to defend it, but I loved and you were the love.
  • Live every moment as if it was the last moment of your life, live by faith, live by hope, live by love, live by struggle, and appreciate the value of life.
  • There are times when we feel that it is the end and then discover that it is the beginning, and there are doors that we feel closed and then discover that they are the real entrance.

beautiful phrases

  • The journey of success does not require searching for new land, but it requires interest in success, the desire to achieve it, and looking at things with new eyes.
  • Conscience calm voice tells you that no one looks at you.
  • The fault is not that we fall, but the fault that we cannot get up.
  • It is better for a person to regret what he did than to regret what he did not do.
  • It is not difficult to sacrifice for a friend, but it is difficult to find a friend who is worth the sacrifice.
  • The key to failure is trying to please everyone you know.
  • He who loves God sees everything beautiful.
  • The people who hurt us the most are the people to whom we have given all our trust; Because, knowing our secrets, they use them against us when we disagree with them.
  • The fruitful tree is the one that people attack.
  • The losers say that success is just a process of luck.
  • Those who have the courage to face failure are the ones who conquer difficulties and succeed.
  • It is not titles that earn glory, but people that earn titles glory.
  • Tact is the ability to describe others as they see themselves.
  • The dictionary of success does not contain the words if but.
  • An enemy stab bleeds the body while a friend stab bleeds the heart.
  • Jealousy is the meeting of the sound of passion with the sound of a storm.
  • There are people swimming in the direction of the ship, and there are people who waste their time waiting for it.
  • The truth is the only thing people don’t believe.
  • Life is full of stones, so don’t stumble upon them, but collect them and build a ladder with them to rise towards success.
  • Friendship is like an umbrella, the more it rains, the more it is needed.
  • Everything if there is a lot of licenses except literature, for if there is a lot of exaggeration.

beautiful words

  • The most honest sadness is a smile with tearful eyes.
  • A smile costs nothing, but it means a lot.
  • All the discoveries and inventions that we witness in the present were judged impossible before their discovery or invention.
  • The losers are divided into two groups: a group that thinks without executing, and a group that executes without thinking.
  • Friendships do not end: the woman with her mirror, the reader with his book, and the hypocrite in the shoes of the one who agrees with him.
  • Happiness is that your Quran is your comfort, your work is your hobby, and your treasure is your conviction.
  • Happiness is a fragrance that you cannot sprinkle on those around you without getting attached to you by drops.
  • If you want to be happy with people, treat them as you would like them to treat you.
  • Many people believe that every happiness is fleeting, but they believe that every sadness is permanent, so they believe in the death of pleasure and disbelieve in the death of sadness.
  • The first thing you take out of this world is a breath of air, and the last thing you leave out of this world is a breath of air. This is justice: to take back what you took.
  • If you cannot live with optimism, do not force those around you to live your frustrations.
  • Do not imagine people as angels, and your dreams will collapse, and do not make your trust in people blind, because one day you will cry for your naivety.
  • A woman does not make fun of love and does not make fun of loyalty until after a man disappoints her.
  • The best and shortest way to ensure that you live in this world with dignity: is that what you hide in yourself is like what appears from you to people.
  • Many people spend more time and effort avoiding problems than trying to solve them.
  • The lie of the tongue is to say what it did not say, and to say and not do, and the lie of the heart is to hold and not do.
  • Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty, truth, and compassion against injustice, lies, and greed, if all people did, the world would change.
  • You may forget who shared your laughter, but don’t forget who shared your tears.
  • Happiness is not in beauty, nor in wealth, nor in love, nor in strength, nor in health. Happiness is in our rational use of all these things.
  • We must treat luck as we treat health, enjoy it if it is available and be patient with it if it is bad.
  • A person who never makes mistakes has never tried anything new.
  • Don’t make a promise you can’t keep.
  • The mind is born as a blank slate, then experience comes to engrave whatever you want on it.

long beautiful phrases

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