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Friday March 27, 2020

Libyan reconciliation government warns of a humanitarian disaster due to the Haftar attacks

The World – Libya

This came in a message that Siala sent to the UN Security Council, according to the account of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Al-Wefaq government, on Twitter.

In his message, the Libyan minister said, “We warn of a humanitarian catastrophe as the Haftar militias continue to bomb civilian and correctional facilities (prisons).”

He added: “We hope that the Security Council will take the necessary and necessary decision to stop the aggression against Tripoli and protect civilians, in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations and international law.”

Siyala also called for taking the necessary measures to investigate “war crimes” committed by Haftar forces, and to punish the perpetrators before the international court.

Earlier on Thursday, the Security Council, in a statement, called on all the parties in Libya to immediately stop the fighting and ensure that humanitarian aid reaches all parts of the country.

The Council expressed “grave concern over the potential impact of the spread of the Corona epidemic in Libya.”

On Tuesday, the Libyan authorities announced the first infection with the Corona virus.

Although it announced, on Saturday, the approval of a humanitarian truce to focus on anti-Corona efforts, the Khalifa Haftar militia continues to breach its obligations to bomb various locations in the capital, Tripoli.

It also violates, on a daily basis, a ceasefire by launching attacks on Tripoli, as part of a military operation that has been continuing since April 4, 2019.

In response to these ongoing violations, the Al-Wefaq government announced, on Wednesday, the launch of the “Peace Storm” military operation against the Haftar militia.

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