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Wednesday April 1, 2020

Let Azerbaijan travel for you –

After tourism in the presence of corona has become a deferred wish 😷,
Travelers are constantly searching for excitement and skillful planning for poststone trip بعد.
In this article, we cover a charming destination
Some of its modern buildings are a global symbol of its design creativity,
Many of its ancient sites are classified as UNESCOprotected global areas
Of importance going back to prehistoric times,
Breathtaking breathtaking nature
Welcomes you to a beauty and challenge that does not fall asleep.

It is ancient Aran, Azerbaijan today.
Eternal Flame Republic 🔥!

Inspire you until the sun smiles 🌞,
She travels to you 🛬 ..
It invites you to an amazing exploration tour around its most beautiful landmarks 💚
Let me share it with you ..

The best time to visit

Throughout the year tourists visit Azerbaijan, each according to his interests:
Between April and November: The optimal period for tourism.
Between June and August: The high season is witnessing a rise in the numbers of tourists and families coming for a long summer recreation.
September and October: The most beautiful timing of the visit, in terms of budget, temperatures and the convenience of wandering away from overcrowding.

Visa: Compulsory, but concessional

  • The simplest and quickest way to obtain a tourist visa for Azerbaijan is to submit an electronic visa application on the website
  • Visa fee = $ 20.
  • With simple steps and procedures no longer than three days, an electronic visa valid for 30 days is issued
  • Received online or upon arrival at an airport in Azerbaijan.
  • Please note that this visa is only valid for entry to Azerbaijan once.

Baku, the capital: an eternal torch and worldclass tourism

Baku not only goes beyond being the capital, but is also the jewel of the Caspian Sea and the largest city of Azerbaijan and its tourist capital, a modern city of great beauty rich in historical and modern monuments, the most important of which are the Heydar Aliyev Museum and the Carpet Museum, the torch towers, the Lesser Venice, the Virgo and the ShirvanShahlar Palace in the old town.
Baku is a rich destination with various festivals and cultural and popular shows, and there are shopping streets, parks, attractions, restaurants and cafes that satisfy all tastes of different budgets. Do not miss shopping in Nizami Square and Baku Boulevard, and for small guests waiting for Baku Water Park and Zoo, as for approaching the fire The real thing is, you have to go up the mountain of fire as the most beautiful folklore shows await in addition to the amazing panoramic view of the city.

Gobustan: volcanic clay and stone carvings

An artistic historical reserve rich in rock carvings and frescoes carved on the mountains dating to human life since prehistoric times. Gobustan is famous for With its rich soil of volcanic mud and gaseous stones, it is a popular destination for its large number of Volcanic mud baths, known as a whitening and antiinflammatory, are also effective in fighting the signs of aging.

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Naftalan: cosmetic and medical treatments

A beautiful green village west of Baku, known for its natural resources since the sixth century, and it is famous today for its modern and luxurious spa treatments. They offer medical and cosmetic treatments for their pioneers, which depend mainly on local natural ingredients. Visitors to Naftalan on a date to relax in the steam rooms, saunas and salt rooms, and he will enjoy special treatments Rely on naphthalan oil, this oil is a rare type of noncombustible crude oil that is useful in treating some skin diseases and relieving pain Back, rheumatism, arthritis, nerves, It also contributes to providing a feeling of relaxation.

Qable: Amazing nature and green spaces as far as the eye can see

A charming mountain city famous for the Waterfall de Cozel and its own resort, and provides a set of tourist facilities, the most beautiful of which is the cable car and the entertainment city “Qabaland”. On the way to Qabila, stop at the most dense area of ​​Azerbaijan with trees in the middle of an amazing lake, get the finest local honey and stop at the suspended bridge for amazing views of the natural surroundings.

Shaky: Wonderful mansion and silk textiles

One of the most beautiful cities in northwestern Baku, it is famous thanks to the Khan Shaki Palace, which is the most important landmark and a unique engineering marvel that was built from wooden panels without using any kind of glue or nails, Shaki Markets is characterized by local silk fabrics and fabrics due to the region being the center of silk cultivation.

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Azerbaijan may tempt you to visit for some time,
However, it is without a doubt an ideal destination for a family trip and long relaxation
Especially when talking about special and economic trips after returning to normal life and ending the Corona crisis.

Let Azerbaijan travel to you now
And start planning to visit it on summer vacation

with all love,
-Haj sacrificed

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