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Saturday May 23, 2020

Lebanon’s interior minister moved for a meeting between Diab and Darian

The world – Lebanon

Today, Saturday, the Lebanese newspaper Al-Jumhuriya reported that the Interior Minister is the brigadier general Mohamed Fahmy He contributed to arranging the visit of the mufti Abdul Latif Darian To the prime minister Hassan Diab And paving the way for its occurrence, by moving it away from the lights on the Dar Al Fatwa lineGovernment companies To bring them closer and end the coldness that characterized their relationship since Diab’s arrival in Prime minister.

During the meeting, the current situation was presented, especially the health situation and the crisis Economic development, and Darian wished success to the government in facing its challenges.

Diab Mufti will visit Darian on Eid al-Fitr In his house to congratulate him and then take him to the Al-Amin Mosque in Beirut Center for Eid prayers.

The world – Lebanon

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